A company offers $130,000 to whom it gives its face for use in robots

The world of robots continues to optimize and generate a revolution in the current 21st century. Some robots, in fact, have facial imaging systems, both in a virtual way, as well as in what would be their exterior construction. That is, the face itself, that you could feel with your hands.

This is something that refers precisely to what was called the Sophia robot, whose face was a source of inspiration to redefine his personality. In the case of the Harmony brand sexual robots, the developers have not offered any details on who corresponds to the essence of their facial image, or, if the model was developed artificially, that is, digitally.

This is an issue that can generate long-term controversy. And precisely, to avoid problems a technology company has in mind to pay up to 100,000 pounds sterling, which translates to about €130,000 so that a person sells the rights of his face. These rights, that is, their facial image would be projected on a new series of humanoid robots.

Genomic, represents the intermediary

The company in question is called Genomic. A British company focused on robotics engineering and production. The established offer has led to generate a call through its website. The final model of the robot would be produced by another company. That is, it is not properly Geomiq that will be responsible for the final development of the product.

And that’s where that suspicious sensation comes from because they are offering such a high price for giving up the rights to your facial image. Partly because the Geomiq company has not revealed too many details about what this project would entail.

That is, it is not yet known if the robots that will be produced with your sexual image will go to the market of the sex industry, the technology sector, the hotel industry or home robots, among others. What is known is that it is a fairly secret project, despite the fact that the company in charge of robot development is known worldwide.

A mysterious company behind an ambitious project

It is also claimed that the same company that would keep the rights to your facial image has had these types of robots in the market for five years. Other media claim that the company has already revealed the usefulness that your face would have if it were chosen. The project would be focused on the care of the elderly, operating as well as a company service for them.

For this reason, it is sought that the face of the applicant is “kind and friendly”. The robot would be marketed by the year 2020. That is, it is a fairly close date. Which in turn allows us to deduce that everything is already on planes; that is to say, that the scope of the entire optimization project is ready and it would only be necessary to include the facial image to complete all the work.

The question of the mysterious company in charge of robot development continues to cause suspicion. The Geomiq website itself states that the mysterious company’s project has received the backing of certain private funds from around the planet. In fact, it indicates that it would have the support of an investment fund that is located in Shanghai.

You can send the images of your face to

To participate in this public announcement, anyone can enter to participate. No discrimination is being made regarding the age or sex of the applicant. The important thing is to send pictures of your face to the platform. Of course, in the event that you became elected, you would end up being informed by the company to find out the magnitude of the project.

There will only be one winner of this project. Of course, you would give up those who would represent the commercial rights of your face. So it is something that should not be taken lightly. The same company, in its public announcement of its website, indicates it.

Would you dare to sell the commercial rights of your face? The truth is that behind this call there is much to reflect. First of all, the way in which the robot industry moves forward and needs to have legal measures to avoid violating the identity of the human being should be taken into account.

The humanization of robots

Of course, there is a cost to pay. And that is what would justify that the identity of a person is not being exploited, which in turn comes to represent the population worldwide. Your decision, by “marketing” your face, opens the doors for humanity to accept that process of continuing to work on humanoid robots and that these are increasingly “real.”

It seems an unimportant issue. But for many, it has its pros and cons. Is it worth it for robots to be more human, even with the same facial features? That is the fundamental question that must be asked.

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