A new species of whales is discovered in the sea of Japan

A new species of whales exists in the world. The finding has been confirmed by the National Museum of Nature and Science. That in collaboration with the University of Hokkaido and the University of Iwate has reached that conclusion. A fact that had the scientific endorsement of the National Museum of Natural History of the United States.

These types of whales, which are located in the sea of Japan, have been referred to as black whales (Barardius minimus). Hokkaido whalers in Japan had long sighted and recognized it as a different class, but today it is no longer a legend.

The whalers in Japan described this whale as a beaked species with black skin. They nicknamed her as Kurotsuchikujira. The conclusion of including them as a new species of whales, became official after several analyzes of dead species on the coasts.

A specie that loves the deep

The whales in question are characterized by diving on surfaces that are around 3,000 meters. It is a species that loves to live in deep oceans. Reason why they are so difficult to find and identify. For this reason, the studies that had been carried out so far were rather scarce.

At the moment, in the North Pacific area, two types of new whales have been considered. The first one is known as Baird, which is characterized by being gray. The second is precisely the species we are talking about, the Berardius. This name has been assigned taking into account its small size.

To carry out the most recent study of the Berardius Minimus, four deceased whales have been taken into account. Three of these whales were in Hokkaido in Japan, while the other was found in Unalaska. Region that is part of the territory of Alaska, in the United States.

It is possible that the Berardius and the Baird are the same type of whale

Precisely the whale found in the United States, dates from the year of 1943. This whale has since remained in the National Museum of Natural History of the United States. It should be noted that the four whales differed considerably from their peers.

What most stands out as whale species, is that they have a fairly small size. A much shorter beak and a type of color that tends to be darker. Takashi F Matsuishi, who has been in charge of the most recent research, has indicated that there is still much to know about these species.

At the moment there is not much information on how females behave in their adult phase. And there are many doubts about how these whales are distributed. It is not known what its population is. So we have to wait for new studies to learn more about this new species of mammal.

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