Advertising in space exists and will arrive in 2020

Yes, it is clear that advertising is a phenomenon that is increasingly aggressive. We live in an era where brands want to fill our entire space and force us to be an essential part of the consumer society. Well, now, it turns out that Russia hopes in 2020 to create advertising for space.

These would be advertisements that would be projected in space: large luminous signs that could be seen from the ground. And so, according to the executives of the company StartRocket, it would reach an audience of about 7,000 million people. Imagine then a Coca-Cola ad, noticeable at night regardless of where you are on the planet.

StartRocket represents a Russian startup. To achieve the goal of placing advertising in space, this company estimates the use of small cubic satellites, capable of generating programmable screens. This technology would generate an impact on the night sky, in a low Earth orbit of approximately 400 to 500 kilometers.

An ambitious project for 2020

Keep in mind that each of the satellites would represent a kind of folding sail, capable of reflecting the effect of sunlight. That way, each satellite would generate a night pixel whose size would be about 50 square kilometers.

The goal of the Russian company is to make this advertising alternative available for the year 2021. Although of course, the management of locating the mini satellites and the rest of the technology would start from 2020. StartRocket has not yet revealed the monetary cost of this project.

The other interesting fact about advertising in space is that company logos would be visible for periods of six minutes. This period would be repeated three to four times a day, taking into account, of course, that the position of the night changes according to the rotation of the earth.

Will it be possible?

The big question we ask ourselves now is whether the StartRocket company has all the legal permissions to implement this project. Clearly it is a very profitable idea, which will lead to large companies such as Coca-Cola, HP, Apple, among others, do not hesitate to advertise in space.

But, this idea may go against the legislation led by space agencies such as NASA and Roscosmos. That they are institutions that have the support of the most powerful governments in the world.

The other big question, of course, would be: to what extent is it moral that the celestial space be used to increase the impact of trade and consumption. What do you think?

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