Amazon is developing a new advertising format by sending free samples to its users

Those who frequently use Amazon will know that the portal already knows what their most common purchases are and their possible preferences. But if these choices instead of being made only on the web: you will be able to smell, touch and feel. Everything from the comfort of your home and with the item in hand. It would be a unique experience that would allow us to test and be completely sure that the product we really want is worth it.

And this is not only an illusion because Amazon is already trying to make it a reality together with several of its product suppliers. Honestly, it’s not a completely new idea, but it is a commercial tactic to encourage purchases and increase sales. It is based on the consumption habits of the already users of the giant corporation Jeff Bezos.

The samples sent to customers are already in the homes and offices of some chosen. Especially those who usually opt for food, beauty, wellness or household items.

Amazon has created a new advertising format

Amazon is benefiting from its image as a reliable supplier of regular items. As well as its large user base to achieve a generalization in the use of free samples as an advertising strategy. A move that Google can’t use. It lacks purchase information from its users and the necessary logistical infrastructure.

samples box amazon products

When this program of free samples is constituted, many brands will surely decide to invest in this project. Because it undoubtedly assures them greater possibilities of final purchase. Especially for those items such as clothing and footwear, which need to be tested to be sure of your purchase. It will also improve the sale of perfumes for example. Since this type of samples is nothing more than an extension of those that usually come in major magazines.

Automation of the shipping process

Also, Amazon is developing the automation of these advertising operations. To simplify for brands to be able to distribute their free samples without the collaboration of a person as a sales agent. Propaganda and self-service mixed with concise segmentation. It looks very similar to the strategy used by Facebook and Google.

It would not be unusual for this recent advertising policy to become embroiled in privacy-related controversies. No matter how good the proposal may be, several users could feel aggrieved if they receive unsolicited products. Even though everything is based on their own consumption habits within the Amazon store.

It should be noted that fortunately Amazon makes it possible to exclude itself as a candidate for receiving samples. All you have to do is change the settings of your data in your profile at

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