An app that identifies investors through facial recognition has been launched

A new app surprises the world of investments. If you are one of those who like finances and investments, or, if you have a project in which you need investors who believe in your startup idea, it is likely that this application will help you enormously.

This application, which has been developed with a strong Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm, was developed by Tosh Velaga and Igor Nefedov. They have christened it with the name AngelFace and for now, it is available on the Google Play Store platform. That is, if you have an Android device, you can use the app.

The app is available for free at the moment. And it has generated great curiosity among the investors themselves. Why? Because thanks to its facial recognition system, the app can tell you how close you are to a group of investors. Although of course, he is currently working with investors who are located in the San Francisco area.

An earlier version of this app virtually failed

The idea of ​​AngelFace had a previous version. This version focused on allowing to identify all those people who committed crimes such as shoplifting. The idea did not prosper, because at the time the AI ​​was prone to errors, coming to blame innocent people.

This version of the app was then presented as a complete risk to public welfare. They would have reported a large number of cases of people who, using facial recognition technology, take action on the justice of the crimes themselves.

So after this “failure”, the developers decided to work in a slightly nicer scenario. That is, they created a system capable of identifying investors. Although good, perhaps the idea is also brilliant for some criminal who wants to take advantage of AI facial recognition to extort his next victim.

Would you use the app to contact your investor?

Actually, the positive idea of ​​using facial recognition to identify investors is much more positive because it can be a fantastic way for entrepreneurs to learn to recognize investors and thus establish an action plan to sell them the business idea that they have in mind.

In order to use this application, what you have to do is use the back camera of your phone, when the app is active. The camera must register a stage endowed with several people. For example, you can use it inside a train, at an airport, a bus stop, among others.

When the camera manages to intuit that you are facing one of the investors you must press a button that will allow you to study the profile of the person who was recognized. Thus, you will access your profile on accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. This will certify that you are really in front of an investor and that the facial recognition reading does not match another one.

That way you will have a guarantee that you have found the right person. Everything else will be to break the fear and follow up on those investors. The app and its facial recognition AI then allow you to find the investor, although of course, it does not guarantee that you will have the success to address it and explain your idea.

The databases

On this app, you must also add that your Artificial Intelligence (AI) works with a finite image bank. That is, the faces associated and perceived by the app correspond to a certain number of people. The AI ​​does not have a standard pattern to recognize that for a certain feature of a person’s face you are facing an investor.

That is why, for now, only the faces of San Francisco investors are being included. In the long term, it is expected to have greater faces of investors in order to allow greater connectivity between entrepreneurs and these people.

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