Apple’s augmented reality glasses are very close

For Apple, the year 2019 has represented a time of bonanza. Not only bonanza in terms of economic income for its products and services, but above all for the bonanza in terms of technological innovation, derived from research and development.

The company has offered great ads to its followers. Products as interesting as the new generation of the iPhone 11 and other additional services such as Apple Arcade. But now, the augmented reality glasses project is presented as another great news.

The news that Apple will have on the market augmented reality glasses, is accompanied by other revelations such as the new generation of the iPad Pro and a more advanced optimization of what the MacBook represents. The theme of the glasses has generated great expectations.

The rumor is heard that Apple is renewing the iPhone SE 2

Keep in mind that the development of this technology has generated suspicion, as well as the rumor that the iPhone SE 2 is undergoing a renovation to give it a new place in the market. Some media of technology have dedicated themselves to distorting these rumors that generate sensation among users.

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has been precisely one of the technology leaders in reflecting on Apple’s augmented reality glasses. In a report, he announced what will be Apple’s corporate offers and how they would define the future.

According to Ming-Chi, this type of glasses will be supported by third-party companies. What makes clear in advance that it is a product that will come into contact with other platforms, avoiding to centralize its use exclusively in the services and equipment developed by Apple.

What Ming-Chi has confessed has generated more expectation

However, this is not entirely clear. Will Apple be willing to offer a product that suits other devices than the traditional iPhone? In the words of Ming-Chi, the development of augmented reality glasses is enhanced precisely by the way in which the company is partnering with other brands, both to complete its development and to consolidate its offer in the market.

On the fact that the glasses are being developed with the support of other companies, several questions have been generated. There is talk of whether they really will be augmented reality glasses or just an iPhone accessory. It is still unknown then if there will be specific software that allows you to enjoy the content that is observed through these glasses.

According to Ming-Chi, augmented reality glasses will be available in the market for the second quarter of 2020. That is, they would be available from April. What should be highlighted in the midst of so many doubts is that Apple continues to work on the ARKit software.

Apple always bets to offer the best

This is a platform that allows you to enjoy augmented reality through devices such as your iPad, or even your MAC computer. This software has managed to persuade the curiosity of lovers of the virtual era and has allowed them to create amazing animations that are usually shared on social networks.

In fact, this type of platform allows you to play classic video games such as Space Invaders. So in that sense, the company already has an optimized terrain that would serve to offer the product of augmented reality glasses.

The thing is that Apple, all innovation and new products, comes accompanied by an even more optimized service. Yes, augmented reality glasses could be compatible with the ARKit service, but it is most likely that the company is raising the bet to a higher level.

If so, user satisfaction will be enormous. Because it is clear that when Apple is determined to offer a product and / or service that satisfies the expectations of its customers, the company invests in everything necessary for its technology to generate impact in the sector.

The era of augmented reality and virtual reality

The issue of Apple’s augmented reality glasses has had different controversies. Throughout 2019, some news echoed that the company was working on this product and months later there was talk that the project had been canceled.

But apparently, what is revealed by Min-Chi Kuo is the authentic reference that this project is still standing and that it will not take long to materialize. The truth is that in an era like today, where augmented reality and virtual reality represent a huge market, Apple cannot be left behind.

Already other manufacturers such as Sony and Google have their own glasses on offer in the market. So it’s just a matter of time for Apple to be present in the same sector. Perhaps your wait is due to the same fact of wanting to offer a solid and very well optimized product, to become a high quality benchmark in this field.

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