Apps Discovered Inside Microsoft Store That Minimize Crypto Currencies

The Apps for mobiles sometimes give us a surprise or two. This is demonstrated by the latest discovery of the security firm Symantec. What was the finding? These are eight Microsoft Store applications that misuse the CPU and memory in Windows Phone. What do these applications do? Well, they mint crypto coins.

This maximum use of CPU and memory is made without the user being aware, i.e. without asking for any kind of permission. Therefore, it takes away operational capacity and RAM from your computer. This discovery triggered all the alarms. As a result, all eight applications were immediately removed from the Microsoft Store. However, this makes it clear that users must be vigilant in such circumstances.

The Apps that mint crypto coins

Symantec experts indicate that these were applications that could be malware sneaking into.

There were several different themes. Applications to optimize the use of mobile energy.

Cleaning software for Windows Phone. Free VPNs. Or applications for downloading multimedia material.

Who developed these suspicious programs? It seems that they had all been developed by the same group of people. In addition, they had managed to place their applications among the most downloaded from the Microsoft Store, which in turn attracted more people to download them. This resulted in a quantum number of affected users.

What happens when I download these applications?

When these applications are installed on Windows Phone, it happens that a JavaScript library is activated immediately. Consequently, mining begins in Monero. Thus, a high percentage of the cellular RAM is used for this purpose. As a result, mobile phones operate much more slowly and less efficiently.

It also happens that there are several software clones that commit this same misdeed. This is why people are told that before installing an App, they should check it. Above all, realize who the public. It is also recommended to review the reviews or comments of the different programs before installing them. In addition, it is not superfluous to have some security program installed that allows you to detect these malicious programs. If you don’t have an antivirus, you’d better go find one for free.

How to avoid these apps

This is not only the case with Windows Phone. Also in Android we find many applications with viruses or malware. We must bear in mind that we saw in an era of hackers. Above all, you have to pay attention to the Apps that are free. These are the ones that lend themselves most to this type of problem.

It is necessary to indicate that for now several alternatives of Windows Phone have been found to this problem. It should also be mentioned that Microsoft has made an effort to debug the apps that work with its operating system.

However, this problem may be repeated in the future. Since the benefits for their developers are many and are always trying to see how to create new apps of this style. The mining of crypto coins and the difficulty in following them up is very attractive to cyber-criminals.

It should be added that when a mobile phone is mined, its operating capacity is minimal. It makes it run very slowly and warms up easily. Since most of the available resources are being used by the app to perform calculations for the mining of crypto coins.

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