Built-in zoom lenses are coming soon

Today we bring you one of the advances that we will see in the coming years, the zoom lenses. Human contact lenses are a scientific option developed to favor vision. Thanks to it, the eye can perceive reality better, without having to wear glasses directly. Currently, science is working to create biomimetic contact lenses.

What does this mean? That they are contact lenses that have the potential to amplify the vision of reality in the person who uses them. That is, the person can zoom, just like you do when you want to magnify an image on your smartphone.

To achieve this type of zoom in biomimetics, the lens developer team took advantage of the concept of constant electrical potential. This concept refers to the ability of the eye to move. The electrical potential is maintained even when the eye is kept closed, or when a person is in darkness.

An advanced development by Shengqiang Cai

The development team of these sophisticated lenses, focused on studying this electrical potential so that the lens responds to the stimuli. In that way, the user of the contact lens can make voluntary use of said potential. And perform the amplification of the image that this technology can achieve.

With the passage of time, the lens will establish a very close relationship between the user and his virtue of amplifying reality. The team in charge of this development is led by scientist Shengqiang Cai. His study was published in Advanced Functional Materials.

After thoroughly analyzing the way electromyographic signals are established. Which are those derived by the same movements performed by the eye, all this knowledge was introduced in the development of biomimetic contact lenses. The lens was optimized so that its functionality can be activated when you blink twice.

We are getting closer to the era of bionic vision

By doing so you can modify if you want to go to the vision in near or remote mode. But to better favor the relationship between eye and contact lens, a series of electrodes was introduced into this technology. Which are the ones that act as muscles for the human eye.

The lens in question was developed with layers of electro-active polymer. So it is an optimized type of lens. So it expands the moment it perceives an electrical value from the eye. This electrical value, as already said, depends on the will of the person who contemplates reality.

This way, this study has taken a huge step towards what could be an era where people with vision difficulties will be greatly helped, or to advance in the field of visual robotics.

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