Climate change is causing more and more violent storms

Will more storms unleash as a result of climate change? This issue was one of the most debated in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2017. And now, two years later, it seems that the storms are indeed increasingly violent.

Cyclones are becoming stronger and more intense. Although presenting with the same frequency of previous years. The storm Alberto, began the cyclone season in August. His arrival was somewhat unusual. Well, it went ahead of the usual storm calendar. And after this, the dreaded storm Florence arrived.

This last storm is considered one of the most aggressive in hitting the American coast. It is a situation that seems propitiated by climate change. Although its various contrasts are difficult to understand, it seems clear that the storms have become more aggressive and violent.

There are many factors that influence the power of storms

The thesis that scientists handle is that due to the evaporation generated in the sea, the wind flow increases. That way the environment gets much hotter. There are several aspects that come into play. Hence the scientific conclusion cannot be universal for climate change.

What is known is that there are forces such as changes in humidity, aerosols and wind shear. These factors heat the seas and become the food that enhances the violence of the storms. In fact, these estimates agree with the possibility that the number of storms will decrease.

Yes, they would decrease, but against each storm that arises it will be much more aggressive. As if each were a synthesis of several at once. It has been perceived that the storms have begun to be much longer. As can be analyzed by climate models that yield accurate data.

The effect of storms for 39 years

To support these studies, we have had to resort to data obtained during previous decades. This is how a great comparison was established between the storms that had been present in the world since 1979. This year is essential for the scientific community.

This is because three quarters of what global warming represents, has been gestated precisely during the last 39 years. The data collected makes clear the way in which intensity has been enhanced from the North Atlantic Ocean. They are figures that leave no doubt.

The climatology expert and expert in Ocean Physics at the University of Potsdam, Mr. Stefan Rahmstorf, states that the intensity of the storms in the North Atlantic Ocean has been higher due to the way in which aerosols were reduced. And the suspension particles have the virtue of violating the aggressiveness of the cyclones.

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