Collagen to restore skin firmness after pregnancy

Collagen gives you the ability to recover your figure after pregnancy. The leading brand in this protein supplements reports on the benefits of collagen Ana Maria Lajusticia for the skin, bones and joints.

After pregnancy, the body undergoes many changes and the skin loses elasticity. Stretching during pregnancy can result in feared stretch marks. The skin is made up mostly of collagen, which is responsible for its flexibility and elasticity. Therefore, the production of this protein becomes essential for skin firmness. However, with age our body produces less and less collagen and that is why it is recommended to consume supplements.

What is collagen for?

One of the functions of collagen is to ensure the firmness of the skin and its mechanical resistance. In beauty it is basically used for hair, nails, and clear skin. Corrects wrinkles and reduces the thickness of these getting to improve the appearance, as well as strength and improve the growth of nails and hair.

But it is also fundamental for the proper functioning of the joints. Helps to relieve arterial pain and diseases such as osteoarthritis. Older people are therefore advised to add this food supplement to their diet. It is also recommended for people who practice a lot of sport as this can wear down the cartilage and end up affecting the joints.

Collagen helps bones absorb calcium and thus become stronger. It is the same effect that produces in the nails to strengthen them and improve their growth.

What is collagen?

It is the protein that is most present in our body and that is generated by our own organism. Collagen helps prevent wrinkles and skin sagging over time. It can be found in nails, hair, cartilage, bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles, teeth, and, as we have already said, in the skin. What does Ana María Lajusticia supplement provide after pregnancy?

After pregnancy, the priority for many women is to recover their bodies. Stretch marks, dehydration, thinning hair and brittle nails are some of the post-partum consequences. Luckily the protein can prevent all this. Cosmetics containing collagen moisturize the skin, cleanse it and defend it against pollution, among others. However, they do not penetrate into the skin and are less effective than drinkable collagens, in powder or pill form.

The collagen with magnesium Ana Maria Lajusticia is available in powder or tablets and also add the benefits of magnesium. This mineral is useful for reducing fatigue and tiredness, which are often recurrent after giving birth and having to care for a newborn. It is also important for muscles to function normally and for good maintenance of bones and teeth.

Solutions Ana María Lajusticia

It is a solution to several of the effects of post-pregnancy and its products are found in pharmacies, or can be obtained through the online pharmacy service:

Stretch Mark Treatment: To treat these skin marks, which form both when the skin is stretched and back in place, it is necessary to stimulate collagen production. This can be done by applying cosmetics such as vitamin K or rosehip, but the most effective way to prevent stretch marks is to ingest it directly.

Recovery of elasticity: It’s the so-called “adhesive” of the body, therefore to have elasticity and firmness is necessary its presence in our body.

Inner skin nutrition: After childbirth it is always recommended to take care of the diet. Increase intake of vegetables and fruit, and consume antioxidant foods with high levels of vitamins and minerals to aid collagen production. That’s why consuming a collagen food supplement is a plus for our diet.

Strengthen the nails: The lack of sleep inherent in the postpartum period makes our nails weaken. The collagen with magnesium Ana Maria Lajusticia brings a double benefit to this part of the body. Collagen itself strengthens the nails and magnesium helps calcium settle in them.

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