Create a waterproof material from egg shells

For some years now, scientists have focused on creating a more earth-friendly technology. Working with raw material that is totally recyclable and non-polluting to the planet. So the new discovery by a group of Chinese researchers published in the journal Nature is not surprising. A waterproof material made from egg shells.

A new way to use the eggshell

Planet Earth needs help to stop global warming. That’s why you need bright minds capable of thinking about how to use natural resources in a less polluting way. A good example of this is Chinese research that has resulted in an impermeable material with resistance to any type of radiation. Not damaged by contact with corrosive liquids or any type of hazardous chemicals.

The innovation of this discovery lies in the way it can combine technology and nature. Since they were able to make use of one of the most versatile foods of all. Although many people don’t know it, eggshells have been a popular ingredient with scientists for decades. Not only is it considered multifunctional within the kitchen, it also has outstanding capabilities within a laboratory.

The purpose of this research is to be able to create a resistant, flexible, economic and ecologically more friendly material. That is why eggshells were chosen as the innovative material and basis for this project. In addition, industries such as livestock were already in need of something very functional that would no longer damage the environment to work outdoors.

The eggshell came to the rescue of the environment

After years of research, the secret to the success of this project was discovered: it is essential that every particle of zinc oxide is able to mix. At the same time it was necessary to elaborate a base that would function as a solid substance completely capable of being impermeable, that would not allow the water to pass through. Even after being submerged or exposed to the sun’s rays.

As difficult as this task seemed, not only did they manage to create the base of the waterproof material. Rather, they turned it into a super-resistant layer, capable of withstanding even prolonged scraping with a sandpaper material. The purpose of this team of researchers from the Xi’an University of Science and Technology is to be able to cover the ground with this invention. With the intention of keeping the surfaces clean, free of corrosion and ice.

Among other benefits that can be achieved with this innovative material is that it has the ability to filter oil. It is known that this raincoat does not allow water to pass through but this fuel does. So in the future it could be very useful to use it to keep rivers and oceans much cleaner and free of pollution. Which would preserve life on the planet.

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