Development of a test to detect Alzheimer’s disease

It is currently estimated that 50 million people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. This disease affects patients from 40 to 50 years of age. It is believed that it was first detected in 1901 by the doctor who gave it its name. And since then they’ve discovered many symptoms related to it. Today we will talk about something much more important: a test has been discovered that can detect the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

The struggle to recover memory

Alzheimer’s is known to cause serious memory loss that worsens over time. Many researchers and specialists have spent years of research figuring out why that happens. The first thing they detected was that the disease usually attacks the protein plaques in the brain. So every time one of them goes away, it’s harder for the person to remember things.

the struggle to recover memory

A year ago the University of Bari, located in Italy, discovered the way to know if the symptoms of this disease are going to manifest in a patient, even 10 years in advance. All this thanks to the system called Machine Learning. Although it is not a definitive cure, it represents a significant advance for all those who are prone to suffer because of this disease.

Through the blood tests performed on patients with the disease in its initial stage, specialists from Japan and Australia found an irrefutable proof that indicates whether the person will suffer from Alzheimer’s in the future. This test consists of two techniques, one of immunoprecipitation and the second of mass spectroscopy.

Preventive treatment is now a reality

The test to detect the symptoms of Alzheimer’s has already been tested, obtaining an accuracy level of 90%, quite high. The test was applied in a group of 373 patients. Many of them between the ages of 60 and 90. Most were already suffering from the effects of the disease, while others did not know if they were going to suffer it, but they were totally healthy.

Among the results of the test is that you do not need to be an active patient to perform this procedure. On the contrary, it is recommended that everyone over the age of 40 take the test. This is not only a way to anticipate the diagnosis, but it is also a very effective way to start with a more potent treatment that diminishes the effect of the disease.

Alzheimer’s is known to attack the protein layers in the brain. That is why there is now a whole revolution of treatments capable of pacifying the appearance of the disease. Ideally, it should not end up irreversibly damaging the neural systems. Allowing the patient to lead a healthy and normal lifestyle as much as possible. This test is very simple to perform and you won’t have to worry about your mental health in the future.

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