Download wallpapers that fit the size of your phone

Being able to change wallpapers is one of the most demanded utilities by mobile users. Today there are so many varieties of smartphones that the screen sizes and resolutions are countless. Currently, the most common aspect ratios in cell phones are 16:9, 17:9, 18:9, 18.5:9, 19:9, and 19.5:9.

Faced with such a variety of screen resolutions, it can happen that if too large wallpapers are chosen, the image is cut off when displayed on the mobile phone or cell phone. On the other hand, if you choose a very small image, it will be shown with a pixelated aspect. And at other times, the image simply deforms.

Choose a wallpaper according to the aspect ratio of the Smartphone

While there are mobile tricks to avoid the above, it is best to choose an image according to the aspect ratio of our cell phone. In this post, we’re going to show you how to make this choice. We assure you that you can have that perfect background image for your cell phone – just pay attention to what follows!

Ideally, you should download wallpapers that suit the characteristics of mobile phones. In this regard, we recommend using Google Images.

Why use Google Images?

Because you have the option to choose the number of pixels of the image to download: both vertically and horizontally.  Therefore it is the best possible mobile trick to have the image that best suits the screen of our device.

How do I download from Google Images?

To make this download, it is necessary to know in advance what is the resolution of our mobiles. Once we have this data, we enter the Google tools option and then the image size. That’s where we have to fill in the information they request. What should you do? Then, place the pixel size according to the screen resolution of your mobile. Then, we click on the search option.

It’s as simple as we just described it to you! You don’t need mobile tricks. Keep in mind that you must also choose the theme that you like best for the background image: nature, landscapes, technology, cars, sports, etc.. That way, you can have an excellent wallpaper for your smartphone.

Tips on wallpapers

An important piece of information: never put periods or commas in the aspect ratio of Google Images. For example, if you enter this amount: 2,000 pixels Google will understand that it is two pixels. Therefore, in order to have the wallpapers according to the correct resolution, it is necessary to place figures in this way: 2000 or 1500 (two thousand or one thousand five hundred pixels).

So even if you don’t control any image editing software, don’t worry, you won’t have to cut or retouch images. The best way to get backgrounds that fit on your mobile screen is to download from Google Images. Do it and you’ll see we’re right!

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