Facts you did not know about dolphins

Dolphins are one of the most beloved species of marine life. Among the mammals that live in the sea, they represent an animal with many curiosities to be discovered. Although they inhabit the entire planet, the largest populations can be found in Latin America and Asia.

Perhaps one of the most interesting facts of this species is that the biggest dolphin that exists is the killer whale. Yes, because dolphins are part of the group of cetaceans, which is the category in which the killer whales are. These can be larger than 9 meters long.

Another particular thing about dolphins is their breathing. Their breathing is pulmonary, therefore it requires oxygen. In order to carry it out, they are forced to return to the surface of the water every 30 minutes at most. Meaning they have the virtue of “holding” their breath for that period of time.

Let’s now see a summary of some of the most interesting curiosities of dolphins:

The colors

Generally, dolphins are often thought to be grayish in color. However, there are also types of black dolphins. In the Amazon jungle, there is a pink kind.

Its genetic evolution

According to studies, dolphin’s ancestors were terrestrial. That was about 50 million years ago and they were characterized as a kind of wolf equipped with hooves. Scientists say this because adult dolphins have finger bones located in their fins.

Vision by sound

On the other hand, it is an animal species that has an echolocation system. Thanks to this virtue, dolphins can measure the distances that separate them from an object, the dimensions of said object and its density, in addition to its shape.

The sound frequency, meaning, the “radar” of this animal can reach 120 kHz. It is a very advanced listening system. The human being has a type of hearing whose frequency is between 20 Hz and 20 kHz.

Teeth and food

As a marine species, dolphins can have up to 250 teeth. But these teeth are not usually used for chewing. They simply use them to catch the fish, before swallowing them.


To identify each other, dolphins set individual whistles, which are their names. This is one of the most interesting curiosities that exist about this species since it precisely reveals that this is one of the most sociable animals that exist in relation to their pod.

Brain disconnection

We already know that dolphins must breathe every 30 minutes. But what happens during sleep time? What happens is that to rest, dolphins “turn off” one of the hemispheres of their brain for periods of 15 to 20 minutes.

That way, the dolphin can make use of its other side of the brain to return to the surface and stock up on oxygen. This is one of the facts that reveals the full potential of the dolphin brain. In addition to this, dolphins take short naps throughout the day.

Their own language

Scientists that focus on studying marine life have studied the way these animals communicate over the decades. However, it has not yet been possible to properly identify the rationale for their behaviors and the whistles they can perform.


Another of the dolphins’ curiosities is that they are carnivorous animals. Their diet includes fish, crustaceans, octopus, and shrimp. They often go to fishing boats to feed themselves with food thrown overboard. The killer whale, which is the biggest dolphin, also usually feeds on seabirds and penguins.

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