Find out if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp

Some time ago, WhatsApp introduced an option to blocked someone on Whatsapp. Once we block a contact, that person can no longer send us a message or access our profile. For example, to see our profile photo or our stories. This option is very useful to preserve our privacy and also can be very valuable to get rid of someone who’s being annoying.

Many times people do not take for granted that we no longer want to maintain a relationship with them, either as a couple or just friends. They keep writing and bothering you no matter how hard you tell them not to. So they end up making our lives a bit impossible. But what happens if, instead of you being the one who blocks, they end up blocking you? Is it possible to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp?

The answer is yes, we can perform a series of simple checks to verify almost certainly, that a person no longer wants us on their friends list. Take note of the things you have to look at, if all (or most) of these factors actually show up, you are probably blocked.

We can’t see their profile photo or its status

As you may know, almost everyone has a picture on their WhatsApp profile. And most of the users have their privacy configured so that this photo can be visible for everyone. Surely you are able to see most of your contacts’ pictures.

Well, if you just can’t see the profile photo or states of the person, you might be blocked. But we can’t say this for a fact, since the person may have decided not to show his photo to anyone. You may also have decided to show the picture only to your contacts. And for some reason they do not have your number saved. Or simply that person has deleted the photo from his profile or never even had one.

Well, this is a first step, we will continue our investigation.

We can’t see their “last seen” connection or current online status

One of the options that WhatsApp introduced a while ago was to show a contacts latest connection time. But every user has the option to hide this information. If they do, you will not be able to see the time they were last seen on the app, but they will not be able to see yours either, so that’s still not very conclusive information to know if you’re blocked.

In addition, it’s still a possibility that you may have activated this option to hide your information. If that’s the case, you will not be able to see the last connection time on any of your contacts.

What’s very important for us is to know if a contact is currently online or not. This information can’t be hidden from you unless you have been blocked. Although it could also happen that this user hasn’t been online on this app for a very long time. Yes, there are people who make very little use of their phones, they are rare and very strange beings, but they exist. Just in case, we will continue to check more clues about a possible blocking.

We can’t see the “double blue tick” on their conversations

By now you probably know how these ticks next to each message work, if not, we’ll explain it briefly:
meaning whatsapp ticks

If each time you send a message to that person and you get left with a single tick, it means that the message has not been sent to the other person’s device yet. This is a clear signal that you can be blocked.

Maybe that person turned off his phone or can’t receive any signal. But if time goes by and the message continues with a single tick, we can practically assure that this person has blocked us.

But who knows? This person may have stopped using WhatsApp and moved on to any other messaging platform such as Line.

Ok, that last one is unlikely, but not impossible. We are already with the fly around our ear, because we know they don’t receive our messages. Now we’re going to try something else.

We can’t make Voice calls

We are almost certain that we’ve been blocked. It’s not possible to see them online. We can’t see their “last seen” connection, the messages you send are left with a single tick. Well, it’s time to try something more aggressive. We are going to open the chat with that person but instead of writing a message, we are going to make a Voice Call.

If at this point you are not allowed to make the call, your contact has blocked you. Unless, as in the previous point, that person stopped using the application, turned his phone off or is actually at a place without any signal, like a trip to another country.

We can’t add them into a group

Well, we’ve already tried everything at this point and there’s no way to get in touch with that person. So practically we are already sure that we are blocked. Anyway, we are going to try one last action to make us completely sure. We’re going to try to add that person into a group. To do this, we look into our contact list and proceed to add them. If at this point the application does not let us complete the action and tells us that we do not have permission or authorization to add that person, we can definitely determine we have been blocked on WhatsApp.

Even if someone blocked you, you would still have the option to see if the two of you coincide in a group. If this is the case and you can still read his messages, try asking him why he blocked you, maybe it was just a mistake.


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