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The issue of parental control should be a primary issue for modern parents. The internet world is immense and today’s children run the risk of getting lost in the middle of so much content. The theme of parental control is usually associated with erotic and sexual content.

However, the matter goes further. In the deep internet (or Deep Web) there is content that is really disturbing to any person’s mind. It takes a very solid mind to dare to navigate in such a digital universe. Luckily for our modern world, this deep internet is very well restricted.

Traditional networks, in which we move on a daily basis, tend to be very apart from what can be seen on the Deep Web. But even so, there is content with enough potential to violate the minds of young people and children. And it is right there where parental control apps can come into play to keep this content at bay.

If you have minor children and want to be able to restrict their access to certain content, in this article you will learn some of the most used and most robust apps to allow everything to be under control. Every parent should have knowledge and a global idea of what these content protection systems represent.

Solution integrated in your PC

But well, before entering the field of apps or specific software that allows you to control the content that your children browse, it is always good to remember that the parental control filter is also included within the operating system of certain computers.

This is the case of Windows and MacOS. Both operating systems have the mission of providing coverage. Which reinforces what can already guarantee you certain apps. Here is an approach to what both operating systems propose.


The parental control system is included in the Windows 10 operating system. You must register through Family Protection. From there you can link one or several children’s accounts to what your family account represents. That is, what the computer used in the family represents.

At first it may be difficult for you to manage the content. But over time you adapt and understand how each linked account works. Thus, you can distinguish what type of content your child is viewing. In addition to being able to restrict your access to these websites.

To properly enter the scenario where this is configured, you can click on Start and type “Family Options”. Like that, you enter the parental control environment.

Mac OS

In this case, access is made through the “System Preferences” option. Once there, you go to “Parental Controls.” This software allows you to block certain websites while defining the use of certain apps, or block them.

This software is very advanced, to the point that it allows you to block the messages of certain people, hide the rudeness and cancel the use of your computer’s camera. It is really a very efficient solution that will be very easy to understand to exploit all its virtues.

The universe of free apps to protect your children

Now, if you want extra protection to protect the content that your children browse, consider some of these options:


This application has been designed to be used both in operating systems such as Windows and MacOS, as well as in mobile devices that operate with iOS or Android. This is one of those apps that is strongly optimized to identify and reject pornographic content.

But on top of that, it allows you to cancel access to violent content or social networks not suitable for children. The app also takes charge of monitoring what type of content is being perceived by the child. One of the awesome parental control apps that allow you to be aware of the content your children consume.


This parental control filter is available for both iOS and Android. In fact, it has been optimized to be available on Amazon Fire. The magic of this software is that you can define the time of use of your children’s mobile devices.

So if you want to establish a good discipline of digital content consumption by your children, this may be one of the best options. Also, the app is responsible for restricting violent, pornographic content, preventing access to dangerous networks and favoring safe browsing.

For example, keep your child away from content related to weapons, suicide, drugs, or any other concern that leads him to have bad practices in his daily life.


The highlight of this apps for parental control is in the way it keeps track of everything your child sees. Thus, it will take automatic captures so that later you can verify what your child was seeing.

Beyond this, the app allows your child’s phone to stay out of unknown numbers that have been rated as dangerous in networks. The issue with this app is that it is a good solution to monitor the history of your children, see their passwords and understand the consumption made of networks.

In a sense it is a more invasive app, but it has been designed precisely for those kids whose intelligence is more awake and know how to avoid the rules to reach content not suitable for their age.


Finally, other free apps to protect your children is this extension available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The essence of this apps works according to keywords. So if you write a list of topics that you don’t want your child to have access to, you just have to attach them.

For example, you can write words like “suicide, violence, playboy, drugs, prostitution, war”; With this filter, the browser will not be able to access content that is related to those words. Despite this, FoxFilter also has the mission to keep track of your children’s activity.

This way, you can add new keywords to prevent access to these websites. The app has other easy to understand features that will help you further protect your children

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