Global fall of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

This last year you tried to access the applications of facebook , instagram or whatsapp and could not? Not that your smartphone, computer or tablet was failing . All Facebook applications were down. It was one of the biggest falls that have been seen lately on the internet. It is estimated that the ruling affected countries such as the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Chile, Canada and Peru.

People began to report various problems to load the apps of Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp and Instag ram. One of the most affected was Instagram, which was affected in both America and Europe. Spanish users indicated that it was impossible to connect to the application.

In the case of Facebook, the servers collapsed due to the high demand for connection requests.

Given the magnitude of the failures that occurred, it was initially speculated that the fall was caused by a general attack on a world scale, through a DDos attack . However, Facebook representatives denied that it was a denial of service attack.

The problems began around 6 pm approximately, affecting firstly the Facebook platform.

Thousands of bug reports

Down Detector, a website specialized in detecting when a web page or service does not work, began to show a barbarity of reports of connection failures on all Mark Zuckerber controlled platforms . Users reported the status of the various platforms:

  • Facebook did not allow sharing messages, content, or posts.
  • Instagram prevented the publication of images and stories.
  • Whatsapp detected inability to send messages and photos.

The network system for companies, Facebook Workplace , also suffered the relevant decline.

World Expansion of the Fall

Around 18:30 pm the failures already affected a large part of the United States and Latin America, in addition to European countries.

It was not until after 7 pm when the services began to return to normal. Near midnight, Instagram announced through a tweet accompanied by a GIF of Oprah Winfrey, the system recovery.

Millionaire losses for Facebook

What for many Internet users was an annoying moment, since they were a few hours without being able to access their favorite social networks, for Facebook it meant a much greater loss. Most of Facebook’s revenue comes from advertising. So during these hours his income fell to zero. And in addition the company considered the possibility of reimbursing its customers for the problems caused, so they not only stopped entering, but also lost money in compensation.

The last time Facebook suffered similar chaos was in 2008, when it barely had 150 million users. Currently the social network has 2.3 billion users.

This incident is generated at a time not pleasant for the social network of Mark Zuckerberg, because it is marked with the illegal use of data collection to its members.

The best known was Cambridge Analytica that used an app to get personal information from users. This generated a controversy because such action was carried out without the permission of the people and for political purposes.

The consequence of this historic failure was swift and two of the top leaders of Facebook and WhatsApp were dismissed.

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