Google closes its 360 Spotlight video platform

Spotlight Stories was the division of Google focused on the creation of films for mobile and virtual reality devices. For 6 years, the study launched a total of 16 projects in 360 ° , with titles such as Help and Special Delivery .

He also collaborated with programs such as The Simpsons . He created the short film Pearl , which won an Emmy in 2017 and was nominated for an Oscar for best animation. This production was made by the director, Patrick Osborne, who won the golden statuette for the Disney short film, Feast .

Spotlight Stories , offers its users animated content with a different proposal. It allows the viewer to visualize the animation from their preferred point of view, because the story unfolds around them. This is because the shorts are made in 360 ° .

Release and reasons for closing

Through an electronic communication, the executive producer of the film platform, Karen Dufilho , confirmed the closure. He thanked everyone involved in the project for making it possible. Dufilho said he was proud of the work done.

Initially, Spotlight was created by the Motorola company. Google buys the company in 2011. The team joined the Department of Advanced Technologies and Products (ATAP). The stories created were aimed at their use on Android phones, IOS and virtual reality glasses. As well as for streaming video portals such as YouTube .

It is speculated that although the shorts are seen for free, they have not obtained all the receptivity that was expected. Also, that during the years of operation they did not receive economic income for the productions made. Therefore, the company decided to do without services like this.


Lovers of the application can continue to enjoy the 16 shorts already created. Like Age of Sail , which takes place on the high seas in 1900. It tells the story of a lone sailor who sails aimlessly through the North Atlantic. Believing his lost life, he saves Lara and from there hope arises.

Or Piggy, a runner pig that runs into a cake. He will not be able to eat it while you watch it. Thus the viewer is more involved, on a new interactive scale.

There is also Back to the Moon, a magic story. Here a magician, the queen of hearts and a green villain are immersed in the nets of love.

In Buggy Night , they will enjoy a firefly and a frog that is very hungry. They break the nocturnal sound of other insects.

And in Sonaria , they will live the exploits of two species that transform during a trip full of sparkles and sounds. This short has a simple language.


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