Google follows you wherever you go… see how you can avoid it

Google is one of the most important multinationals on the planet. Despite the efficiency of its technologies and its confidentiality policy, it has been accused several times in regard to espionage. It is not clear because often the company has to face controversies on this issue.

Filtering content to third parties is considered pure espionage, because information that can be crucial for corporate or political uses is delivered. And nobody likes that such espionage, led by one of the most important companies in the world, comes at the hands of organizations.

Privacy is something important. But the spying of Google goes beyond how it can perceive information about your day to day, or how you use applications. For example, Google has the virtue of knowing exactly where you are. Do you know what that means?

Google knows more about where it finds you than your family members

It means that wherever you want to go, the Google GPS algorithm tracks all your movements. The point is that it is not simply that you know the places you visit, but that a pattern is generated about your behavior and the activities you do.

That is, you are using a type of algorithm that associated with some databases, begins to understand about your lifestyle. This understanding of your lifestyle can be even smarter than you can be with your own life. That is, the system begins to analyze you.

And this is something that generates concern in the world of industrial espionage. Because knowing your destinations and your lifestyle, that information can be used for commercial purposes. Industries would synchronize with your day to day. Well, it won’t always be exclusive to you.

Learning from you

Because the espionage of Google is usually more comprehensive, cooperating with the activity of other users. In the long term, all the movements carried out by a whole population in a city can be used to create a new shopping center that will facilitate consumption and strengthen the capitalist system.

This is just an example of the importance of defining your privacy of travel. But, “in the long run it is useful, isn’t it?” You would think. No, it is not useful, because then the spying system begins to configure the world in which you move according to everything that knows about you.

The actions undertaken by an espionage system can practically create the cell in which you must live. That is something that someone who knows perfectly about your behavior can generate. In the end, all is information about your location, it could be useful for political campaigns.

That is why espionage can determine your lifestyle.

How to prevent Google from knowing where you are

What happens with spying derived from GPS, is that you often authorize Google to do that work. You do the authorization yourself especially when you download new applications, or when you are optimizing your new smartphone.

The moment you are associating your account with your email and other related activities, you usually authorize Google to follow you about your travels. Do you realize that in order for you to use an Android device you necessarily have to have a Gmail account?

That is another clue by which Google can be considered as an espionage agent internationally. There is a lot of information that he could get and use in his favor, despite the fact that his corporate intentions are completely healthy.

In order to prevent Android from continuing to inform Google about your GPS position, you must follow these steps:

Go to Settings. After there, you go to the Google option. At this point you must click on Manage your Google account.

The next step is to click on the Data and personalization option. At this point you should scroll to the section below, to locate the Activity Activity Controls option.

In this section you will find an option that indicates Web and application activity. Then you choose Location History and finally click on disable.

The importance of your privacy

With all of the above, you can realize that not always when talking about espionage, we talk about a Cold War, nor a Big Brother who constantly seeks to regulate your life completely. It is important to clear this idea, because if so, you would not leave home.

Digital espionage has to do with the way in which information is used in favor of companies. You have the right to your privacy and the entities that provide you with services cannot abuse this offer to extract your information. That is demandable.

The problem is that on many occasions, given the technological world in which we live today, excess information leads us to make authorizations unconsciously. That is precisely what happens with many of Google’s applications.

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