Google manages to develop the most powerful quantum computer

Google made a publication about the development of its quantum computer. It seems a sensational idea that makes us dream of a future where everything is super optimized and intelligently taken to a digital level.

After the news was published, it was withdrawn and no reference was made again. However, The Financial Times managed to capture this publication before it was withdrawn. What does the achievement of Google mean?

What happens is that the director of engineering of the company, Hartmut Neven says that they have managed to create an excellent comparator between time that your quantum computer can solve an operation and the time that any other known computer would take to solve it. To achieve this, the analyst Benjamín Villalonga developed a calculation algorithm.

Another machine on the planet would have taken 10,000 years

Thanks to this, a flexible simulator was generated capable of establishing an exact difference between the performance of a quantum computer and a traditional computer. Without the algorithm created, the identification process was much more complex.

Now, Google has managed to solve the most complex mathematical calculation. Which is unlikely to get by a conventional computer. The Google team managed to complete this task in a period of 3 minutes and 20 seconds. According to certain estimates, if the most powerful computer on the planet will perform the same calculation, it would take at least 10,000 years.

Currently, the most powerful machine on the planet is the IBM Summit. What happens with the algorithm and the quantum computer that Google has been working with, is that its performance operates with certain principles that derive from the same quantum mechanics. It is something reminiscent of Schrödinger’s cat paradox.

Machines that analyze and deduce as Schrödinger

What does this mean? Schrödinger’s cat refers to the possibility that the cat is alive or dead. Since inside the box in which it remains is the trigger that will sentence his death. The quantum theory about this paradox states that the cat is alive and dead at the same time.

Looking at what the quantum computer represents, this algorithm is a new way of working on artificial intelligences. Quantum computing raises the performance of mathematics and assumes a commercial performance that is valued at 50,000 million euros. It is something that will revolutionize technology and its development.

Google thus begins a path that focuses on the so-called quantum supremacy. It is a much more robust digital era, with much stronger algorithms to bring new digital systems to life and revolutionize technology. Currently, this concept would not be more important for most people in the world, but in the long term its great benefits can be identified.

The quantum computer and a new way of thinking about machines

A quantum computer that operates on the basis of the algorithm developed by Google, implies that it would pass from the era of binary language. In quantum computing, everything is communicated through quantum bits, which would also operate with the 1 and 0 system, but also with the complexity and overlap that can be derived from the derived states of 1 and 0.

The quantum computer operates through qubits. So your computer logic no longer stops at “yes (1)” and “no (o)”, but considers “yes (1) and no (0)” at the same time. This then implies a new form of “thinking” for the machines and hence its effectiveness in processing information.

Google currently has two quantum computers. The first of them manages to make estimates at a yield of 72 qubits. The second works at a power of 53 qubits. So Google starts a new era in the world of computing, which will undoubtedly impact all sciences and the life of the modern world.

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