How chatbots ally with sellers

We are in an era where humans turn to machines and technology to make their daily lives more flexible. More and more Artificial Intelligences are the ones that contribute to making human life much easier. Nowadays, we even talk about so-called chatbot .

What are chatbot ? It represents a type of software that has been optimized to maintain a dialogue with one person, to the point that human partners have the feeling that they are really talking to another person. But in reality it is a program configured to offer answers and ask questions.

The use of chatbot has intensified over the past decade. It has become a very powerful alternative in the sales sector. An alternative that has begun to replace the work of chat assistants on web pages. Something that for many is very questionable.

The secret is in optimization and databases

Because despite the fact that there are still people in charge of dialoguing with customers through corporate web chats , the use of chatbot will eventually displace the work of humans . So a person will no longer need to monitor questions and deduce answers, but the software optimized for it will fulfill its mission.

What happens with the concept of chatbot is that it is a technology whose essence is found in databases. Everything that is the traditional system of Frequently Asked Questions is specified in the chatbot . Everything else will be to support your performance with an Artificial Intelligence that interprets the grammar and intention of the client’s questions.

Thus, the chatbot becomes a sales consultant, where once acknowledged the question that makes the person, it goes to the record set in the database . Then, the system simply responds with what is already stored. Therefore, they are generic responses.

The chatbot are always available

This means that if someone else asks the same thing, but with different words, the result to the question almost can be said is literal. That was a job that more than a decade ago was being done by humans, by people who found in this a way to make a living.

Companies hired these people to become sales assistants. At that time, electronic commerce increased more and more. People began to rely on online payment platforms and only needed the push to consolidate purchases.

The era of chatbot , as an Artificial Intelligence system, has allowed customer attention to be more immediate. The good thing about this is that if you visit a website at 2:00 am that chatbot will help you clear your doubts. A service that is unlikely would provide an average human being, unless it is a company that has constant customers at that time.

What is positive about this availability is that precisely the client will always feel at ease with the immediate and “personalized” treatment. It often happens that chat assistants on websites are not only attentive to a single client, but to several.



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