How spiders protect your home

We know a lot of people have a phobia of spiders. You’re probably one of them. Your first impulse when you see one is to kill it. Or if you see one of their cobwebs, you rush to take your broom and destroy it. However, you should know that spiders are very useful for both the environment. They’re even a positive thing for your house believe it or not. So it’d be best if the next time you see one, you take a deep breath and let it continue on its way. These small beings should be respected, as there are many benefits in which they can bring to your home or garden.

Importance of Spiders

Spiders play a very important role in the balance of nature. They devour other species, mainly smaller insects, which could become real pests. In addition, spiders aid in the regeneration of burned forests. This natural function of pest control makes them beneficial for agriculture, since their diet is based on insects and small rodents. They serve as damage control on the crop fields.

These small beings build cobwebs that are incredibly resistant and strong, so they are the subject to a vary of studies regarding their composition. An example of study are the webs of the golden silk  spider, so resistant that it is capable of catching even birds in its nets. Such is its resistance, that there is ongoing research to give medical applications to this kind of filaments. Such as building tendons or prosthetic ligaments or even surgical thread.


Most of the spider species on the planet are outdoor. But there are a few species that prefer to take refuge indoors or in enclosed spaces. Even if we don’t see them, it doesn’t mean they don’t live in our home. But don’t worry and don’t go crazy looking for walls and closets, the vast majority of these home spiders are not dangerous to humans.

Matt Bertone, one of the most recognized entomologists in the world, explains the consequences of killing spiders in our home. Although we may see it as a defense, we’re really making a negative impact. In one of his studies, the most common species of spiders that live in our homes are the irregular web spider and the winery spider. These two types of arthropods are completely harmless to humans. It actually emphasizes that spider bites are extremely rare.

Spiders protect us from other pests

Spiders are classified as predatory species, which feed on insect pests and other small bugs. To do this, they build webs with which they trap their prey. Some even feed on other spiders, such as the cellar spider, which pretends to be the victim for other spiders to approach and capture them.

These two species in particular feed on insects such as mosquitoes or cockroaches. Which are much more annoying to the human being. In addition to carriers of diseases, such as the tiger mosquito, sometimes carrier of dengue.

So experts indicate that removing spiders from our homes is a huge mistake. Since we’d be making life easier for other kinds of unwelcome insects. Bertone recommends that if we cannot bear their presence, the best thing would be to capture them and release them on the outside.

How spiders protect your garden

Just as spiders can be beneficial for the protection of our home, they can also be beneficial for our garden. They can be good allies in the care of our plants, flowers or crops.

Just like at home, the spiders that live in our gardens are used to eliminate all kinds of insect pests. Therefore they act as guardians of our plants and flowers, especially because their webs act as a shield trapping all kinds of unwanted visitors. They’re a natural defense. So if you see any don’t kill it, it’s better to have a few arachnid allies than to be using chemicals.

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