How to clear your Netflix viewing history

Netflix has become the preferred platform for series, movies and multimedia content. Their great movies and series catalog makes him the best tv entertainment option. In fact, one of its key features is versatility. There is a lot of different contents in different genres to satisfy all publics.

Because of this, is necessary a way to hide certain contents. For example, movies you start to see and then discarded or also old series that do not want to keep in your list of visualizations. That way, they do not keep in our list of “see later” or “continue watching”.

An option that only a few users know

The option to delete history is something that only a few users know on this platform. In fact, sometimes they make the mistake of add all content to history without having control of it. That way, it can be a pain find the movie or series that you want to repeat at some point. It also slows down the system.

On the other hand, people always want some privacy. There are certain contents that people see at a certain moment, but they do not want other users of the platform to know about it. For all these reasons, it is necessary to disclose the way to delete the Netflix history.
We will show you the way to clear your history in the next paragraphs.

Steps to delete Netflix’s history

We will explain step by step how to execute this action. We want to make it clear that it is quite simple. Just follow this instructions:

1) Enter Netflix .

2) If you enter from your computer, then you must choose the option above your name (in the left area of ​​the screen), so a menu is displayed to access your account.

3) If you enter from a smartphone or tablet, then you must open the application. Display the menu that is in the left area of ​​the screen. Keep in mind that you are redirected to a website, that is, you will leave the app.

4) There you will have all your data. You should look for an option called “ My Profile “. Then, you must access the option called “ Viewing Activity “.

5) Ready! You already have the status of your history. Now you can clean whatever you want. Just press on each item you want to delete. You can do it with full movies, episodes of series and any other content.

As you can see, it is not a complex task. You can carry it out regularly and keep your history clean.

Clear Netflix recommendations

Also, you can remove those recommendations that the platform makes. Keep in mind that there is a custom recomendation of contents for your profile and is filled according your viewed content. To avoid this, just delete the recommendations as well.