How to deactivate automatic video playback in Telegram

Telegram is a messaging application. It was created in 2013 and could initially only be used on iOS and Android. But it quickly became a multiplatform application. Its main use is to communicate people by sending messages, although it also allows making VoIP calls and sending files.

But undoubtedly what differentiates other applications such as WhatsApp is its mass communication through the use of channels. Which can have an unlimited number of subscribers. It also has an option for secret conversations or chats.

One of the biggest advantages of this application is that it allows sending large files, up to 1.5GB. This has made it a very useful program for sending multimedia files.

Recent Telegram Updates

Every year all applications undergo numerous changes and updates. And Telegram couldn’t be less. In one of its latest updates have introduced the functionality of automatic playback of videos. Likewise, it now offers the user more controls to manage automatic downloads.

What does automatic video playback involve?

The received videos will start to play automatically in a thumbnail format. This will happen during the conversation without having to open the video player. The only detail is that the videos are played in a soundproof way, until you touch the button to activate the sound.

So far it seems like a good idea this improvement. But what happens if we are not connected to a WiFi network. This small functionality can cause us to consume a lot of mobile data that is not really necessary. And if we use the application too much we could run out of mobile data or worse, we will be charged for them if we pass our rate.

So let’s see how to block that show so we don’t get any surprises.

How to block automatic video playback?

Maybe you’d rather your phone didn’t play videos automatically. If so, you can stop it by following the steps below:

  • You must open the application.
  • Go to Menu, then to Settings and finally to Data and Storage.
  • In “Autoreproducducir Multimedia“, you must give the option “deactivate videos“.
  • You can also deactivate GIFS on this screen.

That’s how simple the procedure is. You can do it on all cell phones equally. That way, you prevent the video from automatically running in thumbnail format. In addition to the advantage of consuming less Internet data, you avoid seeing content that simply doesn’t interest you.

You can also block the automatic download

As with video playback, you can also turn off the automatic download of all media to your device. If you do not want to occupy your memory space with such content, simply follow the steps below:

  • Settings, then enter Data and Storage, then Multimedia Automatic Download.
  • We enter settings in roaming or Wifi data.
  • Offers three levels of automatic download: low (for photos), medium (videos up to 10 mb) and high (videos up to 15 mb).

With these easy steps you can configure Telegram to work better and on any mobile. Customize the application and adapt it to your needs.

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