How to delete Instagram’s history

Instagram is the social network par excellence to upload both photos and videos. It is a platform created in 2010, being originally designed for Apple users. However, over time it has been diversifying and gaining followers it is currently used in Android smartphones, Microsoft computers and in iOS operating systems.

With instagram you will have the possibility to follow the profiles of other users. In the end that’s what it’s about: interacting with other people who also use Instagram. A list of the accounts visited by each user is compiled in the history log and we will explain how to clean it in this post.

Some explanations about the history of this social network

When displaying the history log “recommended” accounts will appear at the beginning. What are the recommended accounts? Well, they are those that the social network considers that you should follow. This may be because the user interacts a lot with these accounts. This is the first alternative chosen to recommend another user.

Instagram takes into account the contacts that two accounts have in common too. Likewise, the content of an account is related to the interests of the user of another account. All this options appears in the list of the history of this social network. This list is sometimes very large, being necessary to debug it.

Steps to clear the history of this application

Let’s now describe how the history can be eliminated. To do it, we recommend to follow the steps listed in the following list:

1) The first thing is to visit the profile of the account, to then select the settings button. You can access it by clicking the three points icon located in the upper right area of ​​the screen.

2) It is now necessary to slide downwards. The search history is located at the bottom.

3) Next, click on history and select the option: “Clear search history“.

4) Simple as that. If you want, you can repeat the steps described above when you get back to the history and you will check it is empty.

What happens after deleting this history?

Once this option is done, it happens that Instagram removes all profiles, hashtags and even recently visited locations from the list. It is a simple task, but is difficult to find the way to clear that history log.