How to delete or erase the history of Instagram

Instagram is the social network par excellence for uploading photos and videos. This is a platform created in 2010, originally intended for Apple. However, over time it has diversified and gained followers. It is currently multiplatform and is used in Android, iOS, Windows or MAC.

It should be added that as a good social network, you have the ability to follow the profiles of other users. After all, that’s what it’s all about: interacting with other people who also use Instagram. These visits generate what is known as listing or history of use of the application.

Some explanations about the listing and history of this social network

When this history is displayed, the so-called “recommended” accounts will appear at the beginning. What are recommended accounts? Well, they’re the ones the social network thinks you should follow. This may be because the user interacts a lot with these accounts. This is the first alternative chosen to recommend another user.

It is also possible for Instagram to take into account the contacts that two accounts have in common. Also, that the content of one account is related to the interests of the user of another account. All this range of options are listed in the history of this social network. However, this is a list that is sometimes very large and needs to be cleaned.

Steps to clear the history of this application

Let’s now describe how the described history can be deleted. To do this, we recommend that you follow the steps listed below:

  • First visit the account profile, then select the settings button. These are the three points located in the upper right area of the screen.
  • It is now time to slide down. That way, the search history is located.
  • Then click on the history and select the alternative: “Clear search history“.
  • It’s that simple. If you want, you can repeat the steps described above. When you get back to the history, you’ll notice it’s empty.

It is a simple action to execute. With it, you get more privacy and control of the content offered by this fantastic social network. Keep in mind that the developers of this platform also care about usability and meet the requirements of all users of the web.

What happens after I delete this history?

Once this option is done, Instagram removes from the list all profiles, hashtags and even recently visited locations. It is a very simple action to perform, but has the detail that the button to do so is somewhat hidden.

We hope that the information presented will be useful to our readers. Our intention is that you know all the functionalities of Instagram, as well as all its tricks.

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