How to download music and videos with Tubidy

There are still many people who do not know Tubidy . Today it is one of the best alternatives to listen to music and watch videos online for free . It belongs to Tubidy FM, one of the best known pages to listen to any radio station through the web.

In Tubidy you can listen to all your favorite songs and watch your favorite music videos. It is very easy to use. It has a very easy and intuitive search engine and in a matter of seconds you will find what you are looking for. You also have the option to download them to listen later even if you have no connection. The audios are usually in mp3, so they do not consume much data when you are listening to music.

Youtube also offers you the possibility to listen to music and watch videos, but it consumes a lot of resources and mobile data, so Tubidy is a great alternative if you are not connected to a WiFi network . And best of all, Tubidy lets you create your own playlist , so you always have your favorite music on hand.

Search for music or videos on Tubidy

As we have already mentioned, on the Tubidy page you can listen to all kinds of music in streaming . But as sometimes we do not have a mobile connection at our fingertips, we will teach you how to download the songs to your mobile or cell phone.

We open a web browser and go to the Tubidy page . If you still don’t know what it is, go to google and search for ” Tubidy “. Once inside the website, we will see that it has a very simple interface. At the top there is a search engine and below we have the most watched videos.

Situate in the search box and type the song you want to hear or the video you want to watch. Press the Search icon, which is shaped like a magnifying glass. You will instantly see all the results related to your search. Among the search results select the one that interests you most by clicking on the name.

You will then arrive at a page where you will see several different audio or video formats . The most comfortable for audio are mp3 and mp4 . And for video they are mp4 and 3gp . Select the format you want to listen, view or download. Doing so will open a window with a small player. In this window you have the option to listen to the song directly or to watch the video, by clicking on the play button .

Download music or video to your mobile or PC

In addition to listening to it online, you have the option to download it to view or listen to it later. Depending on whether you are on the computer or mobile, it is done in one way or another.

  • If you are on a computer, right-click and choose the ” Save as ” option . Choose a name to save the file and in which folder you want to do it.
  • If you are with your mobile or tablet , you will see that in the audio or video playback bar there is an icon with 3 vertical dots . If we click on it, the download option appears.


As you can see, downloading music with Tubidy is very easy and fast. It is also totally free. If you do not have much storage site on your mobile we recommend that you create an account in Tubidy , in order to create a playlist and always have your favorite music available with just one click.

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