How to free space on your Android mobile

This is another of the popular mobile tricks on Android. Keep in mind that memory problems on smartphones are common. Increasingly these devices have more programs, work with larger files and users are more demanding. All this makes that the own memory of the equipment, often falls short and we need to free space.

Similarly, data may be stored in the phone without the user being aware of it. In addition, many applications use additional memory without the need to do so. To avoid all these drawbacks, there are several mobile tricks. In this post, we will mention how to free up space on a device that works with Android.

Tips for freeing up space in Android

We are now going to present several mobile tricks that serve to solve this situation. Make a note of each one of them. It is necessary to know them all, since the lack of memory or space in a cell phone can be due to multiple reasons.

Uninstall unused applications

It is something very obvious, but many do not take it into account. People get excited downloading applications and installing them on their cell phones. While not used, they take up a lot of space in the phone’s physical memory.

Clear the cache of applications

This is a special option for applications that are used regularly. Each time an application is used, it takes up more cache space. The cache is a temporary storage space, which if increased too much, can leave your system without storage space and slow your computer down.

Be aware of downloads

Many Android users download material from the web regardless of its size. Also, many times they are files that only the user takes a look at and then doesn’t come back when using them. These files take up space. Therefore, we must be aware of everything that is downloaded into our device.

Delete temporary browser data

This is one of the most effective mobile tricks. It happens that when using the Internet, memory is stored in the cache. Whether the pages visited, cookies, passwords, etc.. All this takes up space. Therefore, we recommend that you do the following: go to the browser options, choose security and privacy, and then delete the navigation data.

Avoid automatic downloads

Applications such as WhatsApp and others may have permissions to download updates without consulting the user. When this happens, you may be downloading heavier updates that make our mobile lose space. Therefore, it is an option that is recommended to have disabled and that it is the user who decides which update to install.

Using a Cloud

There are applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Mega that allow your data on the mobile to be synchronized in the cloud. This way, you free up space on your mobile and keep your files in extra storage. In addition, any problem with your mobile will always have a backup in the cloud.

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