How to hide a conversation in WhatsApp

How to hide a conversation in Whatsapp is one of the most requested mobile tricks by WhatsApp users. It should be noted that about 1500 million people on the planet use this social network. This is a messaging application that has facilitated communications between people separated by kilometres. Without a doubt, it is a very popular application that promises to keep growing.

Among the most demanded requests from users is the possibility for WhatsApp to hide a conversation. In this way, espionage is prevented and other people are not informed of private information. How is this done? This is explained below.

Is there an option to have a hidden conversation?

To be honest, this alternative does not exist as a WhatsApp function. In this sense, anyone can take someone else’s cell phone and access dialogues and text messages. However, we want to insist that there are always mobile tricks for every situation. A simple way in this case is simply to “archive the chat“, which you want to keep hidden.

What are the advantages of this alternative? First of all, you’re not erasing anything at all. You’re just taking extra protection. The advantage of an archived chat is that it does not appear with the naked eye in the list of conversations in the WhatsApp window. That way, if someone sniffs around your phone they won’t run into a conversation that you consider should be extremely private.

Is it 100% safe to hide a conversation?

One of the advantages of this trick is that hardly anyone knows this option. However, like all mobile tricks it is not infallible. If someone takes your cell phone and knows the strategy of archived chats, then they can search for those conversations you have saved.

Therefore, it is not a 100% safe way to keep your conversations in custody. However, for now it is the only one that exists.

How do I archive a WhatsApp chat?

We will describe how this action is carried out. We will break it down based on the following three operating systems:

  • Android: all you have to do is hold down the chat you want to hide. A pop-up window appears. In this new screen, you must choose the “Archive Chat” option. If you later want to access the archived chat, simply look for the conversation in the “Archived Chats” list.
  • iOS system: it is quite similar to the previous case, only that inside the Apple devices instead of holding down the chat, you have to slide it with your finger to the left. This is how the menu appears. Once opened we can choose the “Archive” option.
  • WhatsApp Web: unfortunately if we are using the computer version of whatsapp, it is necessary to download an extension called WhatsHide. Once installed, it allows the appearance of a red icon. When you click on it, a menu appears. There you choose the chat you want to hide.

That’s how simple are the mobile tricks to hide or hide a chat on WhatsApp. We hope that this information will be very useful for what you want.

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