How to hide connected status on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the most widely used messaging application in the world. With it you can not only be in touch with your friends or family but also use it for work either to connect with your clients and colleagues. That is why sometimes you don want to be bothered when you are connected.

This option is configured by default and everyone can see whether you are connected. We’re going to teach you a method to change your status to offline even if you’re using the application or connected to Facebook. For this you will have to perform a couple of simple actions, within the Messenger app and within the Facebook app .

Remember that even if you appear offline for other people, you can continue using it normally. You can read messages and conversations and chat with other people. You will simply be hiding your real state.

Disable connected status on Facebook Messenger

To deactivate your status, the first thing we are going to do is open the Facebook Messenger application.

deactivate active state on android facebook messenger

Once inside, you must click on your profile picture, which is in the upper right corner. It will show a screen with several options. Find the Availability option and click on it. A new window opens with the title “Show when you are active” and a slider that you must deactivate.

After that, the application will automatically stop showing us as connected even though we are using the App. However, users who are using the Facebook app and not the Messenger app will still be able to see you as “Connected” . For this we will go forward to next step, disable the option also in the Facebook app.

Disable status on Facebook app

As we have done on the Messenger app, we are going to remove the status of Connected on Facebook app. To do this we must open our mobile application and go to the Options menu (the 3 horizontal dashes in the upper right corner).

Once inside the main menu, we must look for the option Configuration and Privacy . By clicking on it a new window will open. Now click on Account Settings and in the new window, click on the slider next to Facebook Chat .

This way, nobody will be able to see our connected status. Now you can surf without being bothered by your contacts.