How to know if an unknown person has my WhatsApp contact

With new features appearing every day, there are numerous tricks we can perform on WhatsApp. Many of these functions are visible to all users, such as the ability to delete a message or creating broadcast groups. However, many others are hidden, but those are the ones that can be fun and useful.

Today we’ll show you a WhatsApp trick that you probably asked so many times to yourself if it could be possible. Who hasn’t wondered at any time about some strangers having our WhatsApp number saved on their contact list? And most importantly, can we locate those people and block them?

Keep reading. We’re going to explain a very simple method for you to make this discovery.

We create a new broadcast as a decoy

This method to find out if anyone has our WhatsApp number stored in their contacts works for all mobile devices. It also works on both Android and iOS. You’ll see it’s a simple process you can perform really quickly. All it requires is a little patience.

We will take advantage on how useful it is to send messages to several users at once, in order to locate those people who have our numbers stored in their agenda without us knowing or wanting to. These are the steps you should follow:

1. Create a New Broadcast. You can do this by clicking on the menu (the 3 vertical points at the top right) and select the option “New Broadcast“.

2. Select all the contacts in your agenda and every group you’re participating in.

At this point, you will get a notice that says “Only contacts with your number on your list will receive your broadcast messages“.

3. Once this broadcast is created, send a test message and wait until most of your contacts have read it.

Analyze your message information

Once this message has been sent, you just have to wait for a little bit in order to analyze the results. Taking in consideration that nowadays everyone lives with their phones in their hands, this wait will be short, so don’t get impatient.

4. After a reasonable period of time, look at the properties of this sent message and keep the message pressed.

5. A screen will appear showing you the information of the people who have read the message (including the time they did it) and those who still haven’t read it.

6. At this point you can already check if there are any unknown numbers. If so, that person has your number saved in their contact list.

What can I do if someone has my number?

As you can see, this trick is quite useful. Now, if you discovered someone who has your information and you don’t want it to be that way, (since they can see your profile photo for example) simply proceed to block that person. For this action you can change privacy filters on WhatsApp. If you go to settings, you can put people you don’t know to not be able to see your connection time or your profile picture.

Another valid option can be kindly ask them to remove you from their contact list, there shouldn’t be any major problems with this. Or maybe it’s someone you know and wasn’t saved between your contacts.

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