How to limit the use of mobile data in Android

The amount of time we use the cell phone depends on the internet connection that allows us to entertain you with many applications. The only problem with this is that you may end up paying a very high mobile data bill.

Luckily, today they have created certain tools and applications so that you can know when to stop or not allow you to continue consuming data. Are you interested in knowing how to reduce your account? Now we tell you everything related to it.

Limit the use of mobile data

Having trouble paying a very high mobile data bill? If you have an Android phone you will already have a tool to limit and control their consumption. Because the system comes with a built-in option with an alarm that you can program. If you activate it, you can indicate that it will notify you according to the amount of money you want to spend.

In the past this was not possible, but after the abundant comments from users complaining about the problem of consuming so much data, they implemented an option in which buyers could check the number of megabytes they can publish per day. It is very easy to apply, you just have to follow a simple step:

Steps for Setting the Data Limit

  1. Open the Settings of your device and go to the Networks and Internet
  2. Once inside click on Use of data, we will enter a screen where it shows us the Use of data from the beginning of the cycle that we have configured.
  3. In this screen we can enter the option Limit and data warning. Once inside we have to configure 4 options:
  • Application data usage cycle. Here we put the date on which we want to start counting the cycle, must coincide with the billing date of your operator.
  • Set data warning. If we activate it, the mobile will show us a warning when we have consumed the number of GB or MB configured.
  • Data warning. You can configure it in GB or MB. For example, if you have a monthly fee of 2GB, you can put 1.5GB so that I can warn you in good time.
  • Set data limit. If this option is active, the mobile phone will automatically deactivate the use of mobile data when the indicated limit is reached.

Please note that the limit you set may not match your operator’s, as they are based on your device’s calculations. So we recommend that you put them a little lower, to avoid surprises.

This alternative works in such a way that you won’t even notice it. It’s very effective because you only need to be conscious once to get the results you want. This option can trim unnecessary data that is created when you open the application. The only problem is that this can’t be the solution if you’re one of those who spends too much data. In this case you would need an application that explicitly limits your data more strictly.

Install an application to limit the use of mobile data

If you’re someone who needs to use too much mobile data, whether it’s for work, entertainment, or any other reason, you should look for an application in Google Apps that gives you something more effective than just an alarm. Several of these applications have as actions to make a schedule, put a schedule and measure the time you spend using the apps.

There are a great variety of options for you, you only have to evaluate which are your immediate needs, in the end you will be able to choose the one that more pleases you. You also have the option to be guided by user comments, this will give you a clearer idea of what each one does and how efficient they are according to what you’re looking for. We assure you that you will find the one that is most suitable for you, as over time different very useful tools have been incorporated.

We are aware of how much the relationship of smartphones with their users has changed, now we are more dependent on them, but now that will not be an impediment for you to control your income related to mobile data, now you will have everything under control.

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