How to lose weight without dying in the attempt

Over the years, we have asked the same question about the true benefits of walking, at least 40 minutes a day. Am I wasting my time? Will I really lose weight? These issues are increasingly heard among members of a society in which overweight and obesity cause more deaths than underweight. Walking makes you lose weight, is a statement that all specialists have in their mouths.

¡I can’t wait anymore! ¡I should start exercising!

The first step to start losing weight is to recognize that you really need to acquire healthy habits, to improve your day and feel better physically and mentally. It’s time to go to your nearest store, to equip yourself with accessories and sportswear, and at the same time to try to convince yourself, that months later you will not be using the newly acquired pajama shirts and the sneakers to go to buy “churros” on Sundays.

Then, you start to organize your diet and weekly work plan. “On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will go to the gym to do bodybuilding, will it still be open?” Yes, your gym will remain open; that gym that you have been paying religiously for three years and have stepped five times to go to the sauna. “The rest of the days of the week, I’ll be back from work and add calorie loss to my routine.“;

The most complicated process is already done. At that time, your sports planning sheet automatically takes a privileged place in your home. From your hands, to the door of the refrigerator, so that every time you go to sin with some prohibited food, you remember how much it costs to lose kilos … what kilos … ¡GRAMS!

Sports planning

Monday is a real sacrifice, because it’s the first day of your new life. You arrive at the gym with the motivation of losing those extra pounds and the first setback arrives, ¡the machines have changed! What did you expect after three years without coming? Start your session and go home with a job well done. On Tuesday, you walk away from work very tired, but with the satisfaction of continuing with your plan to the detail, because you’re becoming fitter.

And Wednesday morning arrives. Yes, that third day when you get out of bed with laces that do not allow you to move the coffee spoon. And you think, why should I do this? If I can’t even put on my socks! Try to hide it as you can at work, but friend, down the stairs in such an unorthodox way, it betrays you so much, that it’s better to confess your failure and result, before being the laughingstock of your department.

You just fell at a stroke in the true reality of sport. What did you expect? Your sports planning was almost as demanding for your body as the training of Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps. However, despite the fact that on Wednesday you decide to rest for obvious reasons, you try to continue on Thursday and Friday. The man is the only animal that stumbles twice with the same stone.

Failure when trying lose weight with your work plan

Hang in there until the end of the average week crawling and your scale offers you a very satisfactory result. You have lost a few kilos and you feel happy. But of course, today is Friday! We must celebrate the good work done! You start with the midday beer, the family dinner at night and the barbecue at your parent’s house on Saturday. When you realize, we are on Sunday and that plan you had in your head to go, at least, half an hour of walking, has faded in time as the kilos lost.

Such is your anger, that on Monday the paper of the refrigerator disappears and you decide to take it with tranquility. “I will walk daily and eat healthy 7 days a week.” Great choice friend. If your final decision is that, we encourage you to continue reading. Walking always makes you lose weight. This will have to be accompanied by a healthy diet and natural help so as not to snack between meals .

How do I lose weight with my walking routine?

To start planning your weight loss, the most important thing is to go to a specialist who will perform the relevant tests and put a diet adapted to your type of diagnosis. The endocrine itself will force you to walk at least forty minutes a day through your neighborhood or through the nearest park. Do not think that walking just doesn’t lose weight! With your walking routine, you will exercise much of the body’s muscles and burn calories.

You just have to do a routine of forty minutes a day, walking fast and trying to keep a steady rhythm. Walking is one of the most important weight loss exercises at this time. Different studies have confirmed that overweight people who start walking every day suffer a physical and health change in less than three months.

Walking reduces the risk of suffering from certain diseases, helps to balance weight, comes from osteoporosis and tones legs, gluteus and abdomen. What more could you want! Everyone has 40 minutes a day to do a physical workout.

How to walk correctly?

1. The position is very important. Avoid bending your back when performing the exercise and keep your head upright with the spine straight.
2. Use all your lower train. The legs are the main instrument of the movement when walking. Use feet, quadriceps and perform a smooth movement between step and step.
3. Swing the arms. It is a reflex act of our own body. The movement of arms is essential for the body to carry an adequate inertia.
4. Do not stop at once. If you need to make a stop, try to be on the move so as not to go from 10 to 0 in seconds. Before ending training, slow down your pace. Use the stairs…

Walking is one of the most interesting slimming exercises at this time. In a few months of routines, you will see the result in your own body, which will look better with 5 or 6 kilos less by the daily movement of the muscles and the daily diet. Moreover, as the weeks go by, your own body will be asking for more than forty minutes of daily walk.

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