How to prevent people from adding you to a WhatsApp group you don’t want to be in

The WhatsApp universe is full of secrets and tricks. And every time a new update is made, its performance is enhanced in the environments of chats and groups. This is usually due to the way you can share content, stickers and audio messages.

However, the new updates allow better interaction in relation to the groups. New alternatives have been established to make group management more efficient and users have more options to decide whether or not to stay in these chat rooms.

One of the most recent features has to do with the option of giving up a WhatsApp group and having the freedom to not be invoked again to belong to it. Until now, many users had been complaining that when leaving a group, automatically, thanks to the invitation of another user, they returned to the “prison”.

Say goodbye to the tenacious job of entering and being “kidnapped”

So if you have identified that you are part of one of those toxic WhatsApp groups or that it simply does not offer you anything new, then do not hesitate to consider the key that you will know today in this article. Thus, you will not be recaptured again. It is a solution that for a long time was in tests.

Without further ado, the first step to being able to escape from the groups is to go to the WhatsApp Settings section. There, you will find the Privacy option. In this section, you have three options to choose from. The first option is to allow you to be added to the groups automatically.

Then there is the option that only your same contacts can add you. And finally, the one that will interest you the most is available: the option that only authorizes the people you choose to include you in a group. By activating this option, you let it be ruled out that any other person in a group tries to add you again.

No one else will take you back to that kind of “prison group”

Or simply, the invocation that is made so that you are part of a group that you do not know will never reach you. The only weakness of choosing the option of which specific contacts you can add is that you would necessarily have to choose each of the people associated in your contacts agenda to avoid invoking your presence in any WhatsApp group.

In that sense, the same WhatsApp company recognizes that it is a solution that is not complete. But that is the one that has been considered the most to make the algorithm with which the application operates more flexible. And to validate this option, the code was in beta (trial) for several weeks.

Interestingly, in the so-called Business version of this same application, it is possible to completely restrict the one that is invoked by any of your contacts. But it is something that is quite logical, considering that if you work with WhatsApp Business, your phone sooner rather than later will be associated with hundreds of potential customers.

Define the functionality of the algorithm to your contacts

The algorithm with which WhatsApp Business operates is otherwise less complex than the one usually used with the app that serves to communicate with your family, friends and, colleagues. The WhatsApp company has the goal of implementing the same Business algorithm to the traditional app.

It is likely that this update will not take long to arrive. The WhatsApp company works constantly on updates since it is aware of the high impact that the application has worldwide. It is one of the most famous messaging tools in the world and its performance echoes the great corporate giant that is Facebook.

The issue of not belonging to a group has been generating great controversy in recent weeks. There is no shortage of funny people who use the app to make a joke. And recently, one of the most implemented was to create groups with titles such as “Arab terrorism” or “child pornography”, to be filled in with all possible contacts.

WhatsApp jokes

A joke of great disgust, clearly. Something that, in fact, cannot directly regulate the WhatsApp application due to the scope of its algorithm itself. Getting to control the name given to each group would require working with a very, very robust type of code, capable of alerting (or at least suspecting) all possible criminal activities of users.

In fact, even WhatsApp does not work with an algorithm that allows analyzing the type of content that is shared in the chats. That is, unlike Google that can track if you upload pornography in your Google Drive account, what happens in the chat rooms, the comments or associated images, are not perceived by the WhatsApp algorithm.

Almost always, complaints of illegal content in WhatsApp groups come from users, not by traces made thanks to the same platform.

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