How to reduce scars and accept them

A brand which specializes in skin care called Bio Oil has launched a brand new campaign in which it aims to support people who live with scars. This campaign has been carried out in response to the results of a study which they carried out. The research discovered how much of a significant impact scars have on the psychological health and well-being of people.

The campaign called”Scars Uncovered” has already started in the United Kingdom. A behavioural psychologist is working with the campaign making up a key part of it. It aims to help people who have scars to accept them and see them as part of themselves instead of hiding them.

The expert in Behavioural Psychology has explained that a scar in many cases can represent a memory of a traumatic experience. This explains why that most of the time people who have scars choose to hide them and not want to share that part of them with others. This attitude is in direct conflict with the psychological process of acceptance. It can have an impact on the psychological well-being of an individual in the long term.

One way to overcome this physical complex is to face and try to re-build comfort levels by observing the scar and therefore initiating the process of acceptance.


How do scars affect psychologically according to Bio Oil?

A study was carried out by Bio Oil in the United Kingdom where 1000 people with scars were interviewed. 62% of them felt that their scar has had a negative impact on the confidence which they have regarding their body. In addition to this, 41% stated that they do not feel the need to hide their scars.

Scars affect the mental health of 42% of people who have them daily. They also experience mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. The way in which people who have scars feel about their scars depends on several factors such as age, sex where someone is and how or why they have that scar. According to the study, one in ten people feels isolated because of their scar and feel like they are judged because of it.

People who have scars feel ashamed and are not fair towards their skin deformation, which makes them feel as if they were not the same person as they were before they had their scars. Interestingly, people who have a scar in a more visible area and can not hide it with normal clothes learn to accept it better and face it.

52% of people who have scars do not touch or massage it. However, the massage may better their appearance. Also it’s a fact that physical contact helps to overcome the complexes. In addition to this, 67% of people with scars do not seek professional help to treat their scar, probably because patients do not know they can go to professionals. In this sense, the oil Bio Oil produces aims to reduce scars. We have also carried out a after care pack which contains all the necessary information for patients regarding the treatment of their scars.


What is Bio Oil?

Bio Oil is an oil that does not aim to remove scars, but to reduce its appearance and that of stretch marks, as well as to eliminate stains. By nature it is impossible to get rid of scars, however you can reduce their appearance to become imperceptible and discrete.

According to proDERM research, Bio Oil showed a huge 92% improvement for women who have scars. The secret seems to be in its advanced formula based on the star ingredient PurCellin Oil. This component is very effective in other dermatological aspects such as dehydration and age. In fact, Bio Oil is also used to fight burns in specialized centres that treat these sort of patients.
Bio Oil combines ingredients of vegetable extract with vitamins to create the oil. The PurCellin Oil component is what creates a light oil so that the skin absorbs all vitamins and plant extracts.


How to reduce scars?

Bio Oil for scars is the solution which people with scars can combine with these recommendations for your day to day life:

  • Sun exposure : Sun radiation can affect and further mark a scar, so always apply cream with high protection.

avoid exhibition at the sun of the scars

  • Hydration: Apply oils and creams containing vitamins A and E can help the scar is rehabilitated.
  • Massages: Performing massages can improve the appearance but you should also be careful with the amount of pressure to avoid causing inflammation.
  • Bandages: This is useful when there is still a wound because the bandages are used to avoid jerks caused by the movement of the body.


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