How to spy on WhatsApp for free?

That is a question than many people ask themselves. I we look how many times “spy WhatsApp” or “spy WhatsApp free” in Google, we would be stunned. But that is not all, furthermore there’s nearly infinite information about this topic on the Internet. More and more of these searches happen every year. And right now one of the most searched topics is “spy WhatsApp free 2019”.

There are thousands of pages that will explain to you how you can hack or spy the WhatsApp of another mobile phone in an easy and simple way. Although most of them direct us to download third party apps with harmful malware. Some of them are even available in Google Play for download.

The need that some people have to spy on conversations on WhatsApp, has been used by cybercriminals that develop harmful apps. They know that if the user looks for how to spy on WhatsApp. The user will practically download anything they tell him to.

These apps promise that you will be able to see everything from the person you will be spying on their conversations, audios and even pics and videos. And even if it is true that those apps exist. We will analyse them and see what they really bring us.

Beware of malware apps

Before seen what apps allow you to spy on WhatsApp conversations, we will look at malware aps and how they can pose a risk to our phone. Most of the users have a medium to low knowledge of computer science and to do the hardest task they resort to apps. Most of these apps are a true scam, they do not do what they advertise they do and are plagued with malware and virus.

To find these apps you only have to do a quick Google search “spying WhatsApp”. Which will show you many search results that take you to a similar page to Google Play. By having the same appearance they generate trust, and the user clicks install without a worry. They also do not look into the permits that the app asks for.

One of the latest scams is the so-called WhatsApp Gold. This app is an evolution from the well-known WhatsApp Plus. That many users that ended up banned from WhatsApp installed. This app gathers all your personal data from your phone and before you realize, it is too late.

This apps have their own privacy policies, that are in no case as strict as the ones for Facebook or WhatsApp. Furthermore, their legal conditions never clearly state what will they do with your personal data or if they’re going to give them to a third party. Not all external or third-party apps are dangerous, but every time you’re not sure if the app is to be trusted, we advise you to never install it.

Apps to spy on WhatsApp

Nowadays many apps exist to monitor your contact’s activity in WhatsApp and save a register of their activities. But it is not only about that, saving someone’s register of activity. They are based on data that are visible from the app itself. Such as if a message has been read or the last time of connexion, but cannot access conversations nor files.

The only 100% true way to spy on another device is to install a spy app in that device. There are a multitude of these apps thought with good intent. To control the activities of minors, or keep an eye on elderly people with Alzheimer’s. The problem is that many people use them to spy on another person’s smartphone.

One example of these apps would be MSPY. That offers a service to watch another phone’s activities and have access to diverse information. Its developers claim that it was though with monitoring kids, elderly people or employees in mind. In the case of kids or the elderly, we can improve their safety by knowing where they are at any moment. As for employees, so to ensure that they use their phones responsibly.

Why it is not a good idea to hack WhatsApp

After seeing all the different possibilities to monitor or watch other mobile phone’s activities. It’s time to look at the warnings and dangers of doing so, because it can make you regret it.

  • It is not ethical nor moral to spy on other people. In most countries it is punished by law, which recognises the prohibitions to access third parties’ private information, even if they’re your kids.
  • WhatsApp does not allow for the majority of these apps in their legal terms, so they could ban your WhatsApp account if they catch you using one of these apps. It is very clear on their terms of service: “If we ban your account due to an infraction of our Terms, you cannot create another account without our permission”. You really want to risk not having a WhatsApp account?
  • Installing third party apps can be a serious danger to our phones. As we have commented before, most of the apks with an unknown origin have malware or viruses in then. These can collect your personal data from your mobile phone. Many people have installed an app to spy on others WhatsApp’s and have ended up spied themselves, as these apps are collecting their private messages, activating their microphone or camera as well as sensible data.
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