How to use Google Translate offline

We will explain how to use the Google Translate application so you can perform translations even if you do not have a connection on your mobile phone. The Google Translate app allows you to translate texts among countless languages. And also not only by entering the text with your keyboard, but also by allowing you to write by hand, dictate the text by voice and even use your camera to read the text you want to translate.

As if this were not enough, it also has a “conversation mode”, which is really useful to practice your pronunciation in a foreign language. In this mode you can dictate a text and the app will show what it is understanding. So for you to get the most out of these functions, we’ll explain how to configure the application. First of all we need to download the languages we want to use.

Search Languages ​​for download

If you have already decided which languages you want to download, follow this simple process. We have to go to the options menu of the application. To do this, slide your finger on the screen to the right or press the button with the three lines. Once the menu is open, select the “Offline Translation” option to access the list of available languages.

In this window, you will see the list of languages that you have downloaded and all the available languages. To download the languages you want, you just have to click on the download button for each of the languages. So you can use them when you have no internet connection.

Download languages in Google Translate

When you click on the language that you are going to download, a dialogue box appears. It notifies you of the space occupied by the download and the storage available on your phone. If you do not have enough space, you can’t download it. If you have space, click on the Download button and the language pack will start downloading. Once downloaded, it will be available for your use even if you do not have an internet connection.

In case you are browsing with your own internet instead of browsing through WiFi, the application will show you a message to confirm how you want to perform the language download. You can choose to do it only when connected to WiFi networks or also with your mobile network. In addition, you can save this preference so that it does not ask you in future occasions.

The Google Translate application will notify you if there are updates of the downloaded languages, so you can always have them updated.

Translate even without connection

Now that you have your preferred languages ​​downloaded, try to perform some offline translation. To do this we will remove the WiFi and mobile data from our phone and select the languages ​​we want to use by clicking on the top of the screen. The first one that appears is the language to translate from and the second is the language you want to translate to.

When you click on one of the two languages, there will be a window with the downloaded languages. As you can see, only the downloaded languages ​​are highlighted and the rest of the languages ​​are disabled. Now select the languages ​​you want to use this time. We will try to perform a translation from Spanish to English.

We introduce a small text and we see how the application translates it correctly even if we are not connected. If you want to be able to use your Google Translate application whenever you want, download your favorite languages ​​to always have them available. If you want to download the Google Translate app you can do it here in Google Play


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