How to visit a LinkedIn profile anonymously

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. In it people from all over the world create a profile to show their knowledge, skills, aptitudes and professional experience. In this way other professionals and companies can access this information. Due to the widespread use of the network worldwide, LinkedIn has become one of the easiest tools to find or change jobs.

Many companies around the world use LinkedIn on a daily basis to look for their future employees. Anyone who works in a company’s human resources department, large or small, uses the web to search for candidates. It’s a very effective and quick way to find people who fit the position they’re looking for. Also, as it is a network based on contacts, in many occasions the person looking for candidates knows someone who has the person he or she is interested in on his or her list and can ask for references about him or her.

But there are times when you are interested in looking at a profile in private mode. Whether it’s because we’re gossiping at the competition. Or because you are looking for a candidate to fill a job position and do not want everyone you visit to write a message to ask you why you have looked at his profile. So let’s show you how to view profiles anonymously.

How to visit profiles anonymously

To visit another person’s LinkedIn profile anonymously, simply modify one of our account privacy settings. To configure this option, we have to go to our profile. In the top navigation menu and go to the option where it says I, with our photo on top. Clicking displays a menu with several options. We have to go to “Adjustments and Privacy”. In doing so we will go to a new Privacy window with a menu on the left.

We will look for the option “How others see your LinkedIn activity”. Once there you have to look for the section “Options to visualize the profile” (Choose to navigate in a visible or private way).

If we press the change button we see that it gives us 3 choices about the type of information that other users can see when you view their profile:

Show Name and holder. You will leave your name and surname visible, as well as the company you work for and your location.

Characteristics of the private profile. If you select it they will see only your generic position, your company sector and your city.

Private mode. If you choose this option, users will see that an anonymous Linkedin User has visited them.

Keep in mind that if you choose to browse in private mode you will not be able to see the information of the people who visit your profile either. So we recommend that if you use this option, you do so only if you want to look at a profile without leaving a trace. But don’t forget to deactivate it once you’re done.

Why you shouldn’t visit profiles in private mode?

As we’ve mentioned, if you just want to surf anonymously to spy on your competition or to gossip a profile no problem. The other option to have it active is that you are one of those people who take great care of your privacy. You don’t want anyone to have information about you, just your network of contacts.

But if you’re one of those active people who’s always open to new career opportunities, don’t activate it. Whether you’re visiting a profile or you visit, you want them to know about your existence. What do you do, what are your interests, skills, knowledge. If the right person accesses your profile, you can be one step closer to your dream job.

Visibility is also recommended if your work consists of business relationships. You will always have many more opportunities if you see that you have been visited by a potential customer. You may be visited by someone you’ve ever thought of contacting but didn’t dare and that visit may be the key to starting a conversation.

Here is a series of situations that can come in handy to improve professionally when you see visits to your profile.

  • If you’re visited by a first-degree contact. Take the moment to greet him and send him a message saying that anything you need or can be of help, do not hesitate to contact you. Maybe you have a product that interests him and it’s time to offer it to him.
  • If  you’re visited by a contact you don’t know. He goes into his profile, does a little research on who he is and what he does. It also sends a connection request and a message to collaborate in the future. The greater your network, the more likely you are to improve professionally.

All of this is nothing more than an active form of networking. To expand your contacts in a simple way. All those contacts are one of your most precious assets. Do not miss the opportunity that this social network offers us.


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