How wearables improve our life’s quality

For centuries the quality of life of human beings has increased significantly. And part of it is due to discoveries within medicine. However, progress has never been seen as rapid as it is now. It’s all thanks to the combination of technology and health-related research. As proof of this, today we will tell you about a discovery that is revolutionizing the world of medicine: the wearables.

The benefits of using technology for medicine

One of the countries striving to be at the forefront of medicine and technology is South Korea. This Asian country has demonstrated genuine concern for improving the quality of life of its inhabitants. That’s why they were able to develop fully intelligent contact lenses, capable of measuring various vital signs, including blood glucose levels. How do they work? Well, it’s through the tears that the data can record.

This healthy technology was created by the National Institute of Science and Technology located in Ulsan. They recently published their research in the scientific journal Science Avance, and it is now available to the general public. In this way you will be able to learn more about the wearables that will change your lifestyle. Not only will it be an accessory to use daily, but it will improve your health.

The idea of a lens with artificial intelligence arose out of the need to monitor those who are prone to diabetes. Since it is estimated that 14% of the world’s population suffers from this type of disease, either type 1 or 2. So the best thing is that everyone is aware of how their eating habits are capable of altering glucose levels, and thus was born this wearable.

Do not miss the opportunity to take care of your health with the help of the wearables

Many associate diabetes with highly invasive procedures. Having to make blood tests and injecting insulin constantly. Now you’ll be able to tell if you’re sick or not, without having to resort to needles or wasting time seeing the doctor in a consultation.

Despite all the progress that has been made to bring this prototype to market, it will still not be possible to buy it. During their tests, several inconveniences arose that proved the device’s inability to measure glucose levels over a prolonged period of time. Which means it won’t be very reliable to be guided by your results. To date major technology companies, including Apple,
have tried unsuccessfully to create a perfect wearable.

Scientists and specialists do not lose hope, every day they are closer to creating a device that facilitates the quality of life for diabetics. It’s a matter of waiting and seeing how experiments with warables, patches and various non-invasive devices are put to the test. One of the most advanced bracelets available today is the intelligent bracelet, which constantly measures the blood glucose level and records all activity within an application, such as GlucoWear bracelets.

smart wristbands to measure glucose

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