How your personality affects your dog’s

The activities, attitudes and closeness you have with your dog will shape your personality . Like humans, animals have different moods. Faced with various situations, whether stress, depression, joy or anger, react differently.

The Michigan State University presented a new research that reads in Spanish “Old dog, new tricks: age differences in dog personality traits, associations with human personality traits and links to important results.”

How a dog’s personality evolves

The study was published in the Journal of Research in Personality . It reveals that just like humans, the dog’s personality changes over time.

When a situation of change is generated, which disrupts our life, the attributes of our personality change. In dogs these personality changes occur equally. In addition the changes are more marked than in people.

This was highlighted by the professor of psychology and principal promoter of the research, William Chopik . “We expected the dogs’ behavior to remain stable. Given that they do not go through major transformations like us. It wasn’t like that, because they do change a lot. We find that dogs develop similarities with their owners. And that is the perfect time to start training them. Finally, we discovered that at a time in their life they may be more irascible with other species. ”

Knowing their behavior throughout the upbringing, it follows how their character will act with respect to the proximity of their owners. Thus it will be possible to be alert to a possible attack on another dog or person. Similarly, by observing the animal, possible serious illnesses can be identified.

Dogs are like their owners

The aforementioned research is the most important that has been done to assess personality variations. To achieve this, owners of slightly more than 1,600 canines of 50 different breeds were surveyed. The ages ranged from weeks to 15 years.

People were asked to study the behavior of their pets, and then answer some questions. These questions have to do with their history of conduct. In addition, they answered a survey about their own personality.

The experts found coincidences in 3 areas: age and personality, personality similarities between humans and dogs. In addition, the weight of the dog’s identity on the relationship with his master.

“For dogs that have lived longer, they have a harder time learning tricks and rules. The ideal stage to teach them is at 6 when they stop being puppies, ”said the researcher.

A peculiarity that does not vary in dogs is fear and anxiety, says Chopik . Humans who are more outgoing indicated that their animals are very active and excitable. Contrary to owners who manifest negative emotions, they said their pets are fearful and unwilling to train.

The subjects that were named as pleasant, said that their canines are not aggressive for other animals or people. The discoveries made demonstrate the power of the human being to determine the personality of your dog.

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