If you suffer from migraines, forget the caffeine

Today we are going to talk about those annoying migraines and the influence that caffeine has on its appearance. Caffeine is an alkaloid that is present in the great drink that is coffee. Well, it is obvious to say so. But it is precisely the caffeine, and its chemical composition, that defines the addiction and good taste you feel for this drink. It is considered as a nervous stimulant.

Yes, it is true, the coffee itself has a fascinating taste. Especially when you see it in the presentation of cappuccino or with foamy milk. As they would offer you in a McDonalds or in a Starbucks. That is why, worldwide, coffee is the second most consumed beverage after tea.

But, when you drink coffee you are consuming caffeine that affects your nervous system. So if you are one of those that suffers from migraines, it is best to say goodbye to the consumption of this fabulous drink.

A very precise observational study

According to a study conducted on 101 people suffering from migraines. The impact of caffeine on people’s metabolism could be assessed. And the way it manages to impact migraines. These people were filling out a daily survey for a few months.

Through these surveys, which responded both in the morning and in the afternoon, it was possible to observe the lifestyle of this group of people. That was how they established a pattern of how caffeine consumption was able to enhance the headache.

The data obtained from this study were very accurate. Since the analysis was not linear, but was maintained according to the information given in a relative way for the daily life of the respondent. That is, the respondent did not always claim to consume coffee in the mornings or afternoons.

Regulating caffeine consumption reduces the occurrence of episodic migraines

Thus, the level of caffeine incidence could be determined. The point is that not only the same coffee drink was taken into account. But also to those drinks that also have it, as are energy drinks. Naturally, it is a very small observational survey.

The conclusions obtained from the 101 people could vary considerably in a much larger group. However, it was perceived that the common denominator of the ailments of migraine patients occurred during the days and hours in which they consumed caffeinated products.

However, according to the research body, if you are one of those who are passionate about the taste of coffee, one of the best options to continue enjoying it, is to opt for decaf coffee. It is a type of coffee that during its production phase is subjected to a process to denature it of said alkaloid.

So the portion of coffee you get doesn’t have any psychoactive levels that affect your nervous system and your lifestyle.

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