Internet is already the favorite doctor for this generation

The internet is becoming the favorite doctor of the new generations. Today, the Internet is the scenario where information flows. The millennial era is already beginning to forget completely, that previously it was necessary to visit the libraries or go to a specialist to get answers. Now, everything is one click away.

And according to the universe of medicine, millennials come to solve most of their health concerns through the Internet. That is, the Internet has become the doctor by nature of the new generation. It is estimated that 73% of millennials go to the web to get their questions answered.

For doctors, this phenomenon has its pros and cons. But it has more cons than pros according to various studies. Especially because of the way in which information is misunderstood and the reliability of the contents published. The health tips obtained on the Internet are not entirely safe.

More than two years without visiting the doctor

That is why the company Harmony Healthcare IT decided to establish a survey that synthesizes why the doubts of millennials are usually resolved online. Although good, this is not an exclusive phenomenon of this generation. Even the elderly also go to the Internet as an alternative to learn about the health problems they face.

The company Harmony Healthcare IT has shown that people who often face their health concerns through the Internet have long periods without visiting the doctor. Almost always, one in four people gets to spend about two years without visiting the doctor.

For these people, the simplest thing is to go to the networks in search of information. The non-visit to the doctor is due to several reasons. It is estimated that 42% do not because they claim to feel completely healthy. But, about 39% do not do it because they claim to be very busy, while 31% find it too boring to strive to go see the doctor.

WebMD is the most used medical portal to answer questions

Now, the interesting thing about those who do visit the doctor is that 93% of this population is motivated by a previous investigation carried out on the network. That is, the network encourages the person to seek professional help, in the face of a fear created by the information that is often false.

The online platform of WebMD is at the moment one of the most respected in the matter of solving medical doubts. Nearly 82% of millennials usually go to this website. Although 27% of other population groups prefer the use of the news and about 22% turn to YouTube.

The research carried out by Harmony Healthcare IT also revealed that 48% decide to rely on online professional advice. That is, you go to the doctor’s visit virtually. It is a phenomenon that has great positioning and that in the long term will define the fate of modern medicine.

A phenomenon that has a very broad history

In Spain, in the year of 2009, 31% of the population continues to find the solution to their health problems on the Internet. In 2018, the percentage increased to 55%. In fact, this figure represents an average almost close to what this phenomenon of online searches in other countries represents.

The average of searches across Europe is equivalent to a percentage of 52%. In the Netherlands, the investigation showed that the percentage of the population that goes to the Internet to solve their medical questions represents 72%. Bulgaria is the country with the lowest estimate, with a total of 28%.

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