Inventions that can save the environment

The environment is one of the biggest concerns of the 21st century. Or well, at least for most ecological organizations, scientists, teachers worldwide and great entrepreneurs. World leaders seem not to worry about this issue, just as they did recently before Greta Thunberg.

Scientists worried about the problem of the environment, bet on new inventions that maintain a balance between innovation and nature. It is an intelligent solution, since for many, by 2050 the panorama of the planet’s destiny will be horrible, in case we continue to contaminate the planet.

These are solutions that can really change the world, as long as governments, institutions and organizations trust the potential of these inventions. Would you like to meet them? Here we offer you a complete summary of the most interesting inventions in favor of the environment.

Drones to plant trees

One of the most interesting inventions at the moment is the drones optimized to plant trees. The BioCarbon company is using these drones to fight deforestation. It is estimated that annually, 7 hectares of forest are lost. So these drones could fight that phenomenon.

Edible rings for cans

The Saltwater company has created a system of ecological rings for soda cans. These rings would replace the plastic used for this type of beverage. They are rings that develop based on wheat and barley. Your contribution to the environment? The rings can be consumed by fish and dolphins. One of the inventions that is characterized by being 100% biodegradable.

Wind systems

Wind energy is precisely what is derived from the effect of wind. Every time the blades of a wind system move, they generate an energy level. The idea of ​​using these inventions would be to place them in open areas such as seas or fields to obtain clean and renewable energy.

Seawater transformed into freshwater

Another of the most interesting inventions is in a sieve that is capable of converting seawater into freshwater. This is an invention developed by British scientists. An excellent invention to take care of the environment.

Anti-methane satellites

Probably one of the most interesting inventions that exist in favor of the environment. The solution consists in locating satellites in space that help alert methane gas leaks released during fracking. It is known that this type of methane gas is 80 times more powerful than carbon when it comes to heat.

Pollinating Drones

As with drones to plant trees, they would have the mission of allowing wildlife to thrive. Most of the foods that arrive at your table are caused by pollination. So if drones are used that exercise this work, the growth process would increase considerably.

Cool the reefs

According to an engineer from the University of Arizona, it is possible to reduce the heat level of the reefs. Heat that in essence is the one that devours the life of these forms of life of the oceans. Use would be made of a pipe in charge of pumping water at low temperatures, thus relieving the effect of the sun and the global warming that these marine species face.

Devouring Enzymes

Yes, plastic devouring enzymes. It would be one of the most fascinating options to destroy, once and for all, those accumulations of plastic on the planet. Above all, it would be a perfect solution to wither the plastic of the seas. Japanese scientists are working on this enzyme.

This is one of those inventions that came to science accidentally, when scientists tried to break down the plastic. Thus, the decomposition process can be intensified, preventing it from extending to hundreds of years.

Wild plastic

An Indonesian businessman, who in turn is an expert in biology, decided to create a type of plastic developed based on biodegradable materials. It is an effective solution, based on ingredients such as cassava and cheap vegetables. This solution for the environment has been implemented since 2014.

Sand bottles

Another of the great inventions to contribute to the environment is to replace glass bottles in sand. In New Zealand, there are some machines that are responsible for crushing this type of bottles, which in a matter of seconds becomes “sand”.

This area could be taken to the beaches, since in this country, as in many around the world, the beaches of the beaches are used to be used in the construction industry. Thus, the environment will not run out of beaches.

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