Is avocado a fruit or a vegetable?

Fruit or vegetable? The avocado being green is usually considered a vegetable. Yes, something that happens with most of the vegetables on the planet. The only green color leads us to suspect that it necessarily has to be a vegetable. Maybe I play the root of the name a lot: ” green” ura . 

But remember that there are green apples and green lemons that are classified as fruits. And that is the same as with avocado. Of this green fruit, it is known that it has been consumed for millennia. Its history as a fruit dates back to the time of the dinosaurs.

The name of the avocado, which is also known as silver, translates to “The testicles of the tree.” The original word in the Aztec language is ” ahuacatl “. It is a fruit that can reach heights of up to 20 meters, although it is usually a maximum of 5 meters.

A very Latin American food

The origin of avocado, derives from the tree known as Persea americana. It is considered a very exotic fruit that has a great presence in what is considered as Mesoamerica. That is, what represents Mexico, El Salvador, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala and Costa Rica , in addition to Nicaragua, of course.

It is currently known that there are 7 varieties of avocado. And remember, it is not a vegetable, although its presentation changes and although certain farmers make grafts with this type of food product. In summary, this is what defines the 7 varieties of avocados that exist :

Hass: it is the most traditional and the most consumed worldwide. Its harvest period lasts throughout the year. So it is the most apt to be marketed.

Zutano: is considered an avocado that is resistant to cold. It usually matures towards the beginning of winter. However, its pulp is not of the best quality.

Bacon: represents an exotic fruit very similar to Zutano. It is usually a variety that grows in cold areas.

Strong: it is considered as a variety very similar to Hass. However, it is produced in less quantity. It is usually very confused as a vegetable.

Reed: they are a variety that matures in the summer time. Its shape is very round.

Pinkerton: its ripening time ranges from spring to summer.

Lamb Hass: It has a much larger size than the one offered by the Hass. It has a very delicious flavor and its consistency is very creamy.

How healthy is eating avocado?

On the avocado that have carried out a great diversity of studies. Remember that it is a fruit, so its impact on metabolism and nutrition is quite strong. According to Paula Arroyo, who is part of the Spanish Nutrition Foundation, the maximum consumption of avocados per day depends on the person and the great taste you feel for this fruit .

This is also influenced by age and sex, as is their physical activity. What happens is that it is a fruit with high lipid levels. Therefore, for every 200 grams there is a 17% of the intake that a man should carry out daily in terms of lipids, whose age is between 20 to 39 years.

This level of lipids is necessary for a person who is exercising passively. In the case of a woman, the percentage of lipids increases to 22%. In addition to this, it should be made clear that avocado is a fruit with a high level of potassium, vitamin C, E, B6.

These are nutrients that are usually present in oils and nuts. Some of the vegetables that offer this same level of properties are asparagus, kiwi, banana and onion. For all this, avocado is considered as an excellent fruit to have within daily consumption.

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