Is it better to have dinner late or not?

We’ve all wondered at some point. Is it better to have dinner late or not? The question is not easy to answer. It depends on what you’ve eaten before, your pace of life, and the food  which you’re eating. Let's look at the pros and cons.

1. Eating soon or having a lot of snacks. It’s best to have dinner early to avoid heaviness. Several studies have observed a weight gain in people when you are eating dinner late. But if
you choose to have a strong snack instead of dinner, there’s no problem skipping dinner. In fact, as Dr. Isabel Martorell, Nootric’s dietitian-nutritionist, points out, the “eat 5 times a day” dogma is currently taking a back seat. But skipping dinner weighing that this will help you lose weight is not a good idea.

2. If you have dinner late . It’s not ideal, but it’s also not bad as long as you choose light foods. The question is not whether to have dinner or not. Not even the time, what’s important is what’s eaten. If you’re late but opt for something light like a vegetable cream, you won’t have a problem with the scale.

Dinner Tips

Keep in mind that during sleep the digestion becomes slower and if you eat too much or too much fat the digestive organs are overloaded and you can find yourself gaining weight.

  • Avoid sausages.
  • If you take rice or pasta, it better be brown.
  • If you choose to eat only fruit, eat only one piece and do not mix, as it provides fructose, a sugar with calories whose excess ends up in the form of fat.
  • Avoid pre-cooked food, a temptation because it's a comfortable and quick choice for dinner, but witha higher calorie intake compared to the same dish you cooked yourself.
  • Avoid fried or battered foods, as they absorb a large amount of saturated fat.

Tricks to reduce calories in your dinners

Other tricks to reduce calories at your dinners are:

  • Steam the vegetables, as this way the food is al dente, so the body has to make more effort to digest them and consequently is satiated more and helps consume more calories.
  • The pasta al dente, because if you pass it increases its glycemic index and blood glucose peaks, that means you accumulate more fat.
  • Baked meat or fish that prevents you from losing vitamins or papillote that when made in its own juice, foods retain their nutrients better.

light and healthy dinner, grilled fish

Light and healthy dinners

If you don’t know which dish to choose for dinner, we give you some ideas of light and fast food to prepare, with less than 350 Kcal:

  • Onion soup, grilled chicken filet with cherrys tomatoes, and an orange.
  • Toast of red peppers with tuna and dessert skimmed yogurt.
  • Cream of zucchini, steamed hake with lemon and a kiwi.
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