Is it possible to terraform Mars with atomic bombs?

The conquest of the planet Mars continues. And during the last decade, much of the space race to conquer the planet has been managed by Elon Musk. Yes, the owner of SpaceX and Tesla. Someone who keeps surprising with his innovative and “crazy” ideas.

According to the visionary businessman, it would be very smart to bombard the planet Mars, as a strategy to terraform its nature. That is apparently one of the strongest wishes that Elon Musk has. Something that he suggested for the first time in 2015.

Under what would a bombing of the planet Mars be sustained? According to Musk, the use of atomic bombs could cause enough carbon dioxide to be released on the planet, as well as vagor of water. Thanks to these powerful gases, which produce the greenhouse effect, the temperature of the planet’s atmosphere would be increased.

Terraform: a great, but crazy idea

That way, the temperature would reach conditions very similar to those of planet Earth. Mars would thus become a hospitable place to house life. Some scientists already warned him that his idea of terraforming Mars in that way would not work.

Even so, the idea of bombing the Red Planet seems to continue immersed in Elon Musk’s mind. The test is in a recent tweet in which he simply indicated: “Nuke Mars!” After said tweet, a few hours later, he added another tweet where a t-shirt appeared in which a bombardment of Mars could be seen drawn.

To give more grace to this tweet, Elon Musk added to this image the message “T-shirt, soon for 25 dollars.” Clearly, with these tweets, many will take the idea as if it were a joke. Others, however, assume Musk’s serious. Since he always focuses on being serious with his projects.

Scientists think otherwise

The scientific controversy surrounding bombing Mars comes questioned by space exploration advocates. Those who affirm that humanity has no right to transform and impact the life of the Universe at will. That represents the human being to challenge the life and harmony that already reigns on the planets.

According to a study of the year 2018, which was published in the scientific journal Nature Astronomy. There is not enough CO2 in Mars to generate the warming that is desired with the project of terraforming the planet with atomic bombs.

This research also analyzed why water does not become a warming factor for the planet. What happens is that given the temperatures of Mars, it is not possible that there is water at sufficient levels to produce steam derived from the advanced heating of CO2.

The hope of saving the human race

In fact, the underlying issue is that in the case of bombing the planet, a nuclear winter would be generated, due to the way in which each impact would produce huge clouds that would worsen the impact of sunlight. That way, the planet would cool down.

The attempt to transform Mars into a habitable place, where green grass grows and crystalline waters flow, obeys the dream of colonizing the planet. It would represent a second home for the history of mankind, which would ensure that the race does not reach its extinction.

At the moment, NASA and SpaceX are working on the construction of a space flight system that allows at least 100 passengers to travel. This ship will be called Starship: a mean of transport that would be equipped with a very powerful rocket called Super Heavy.

In both cases we talk about reusable products. Recently, the Starhopper ship conducted a successful launch test. So NASA hopes to use such technology in its dream of conquering Mars

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