It seems that the vitamin-e acetate in e-cigarettes is harmful

In the United States, Vitamin E acetate in electronic cigarettes is becoming a cause for concern. Recently, a total of 215 people had severe health problems from the use of these types of cigarettes. In fact, one person died. This led to a very serious investigation by a group of American researchers.

Everything seems to indicate that the toxic substance that affected these people was an oil. Produced from vitamin E. Once it was established that people affected by electronic cigarettes were not infected by infectious disease, the research focused on recognizing potential contaminants.

In that way it could be perceived that the poisoning could be derived from the oils. And its levels of vitamin E. And this oil and its pollutants have been identified in each of the affected people. In fact, most of these people are inclined to use cannabis to vape.

Do marijuana derived oils pose a danger?

It is known that currently, vitamin E derived oils are often used in the cosmetic industry. In fact, nutritional products are also made. But, what is not certified is that its consumption is adequate by inhalation. According to Michelle Franco, who is part of Bryn Mawr College, this vitamin E acetate would be transformed into fat when inhaled.

As she explained to The Washington Post, this fat could cover the lungs. It is a product that is not usually present in the current nicotine that is sold in stores. However, if it has a presence and in a very high amount in the cannabis samples that were analyzed.

So, the investigation turned to what cannabis oils suppose. And the way they would be used through electronic cigarettes. In fact, some authorities in the United States warned about the consumption that is given to this vitamin E present through oils. Many of them are marketed illegally.

The study continues standing

It should be noted that despite this study there is insufficient evidence. Or records that establish a very well founded truth. So the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), called for an increase in the number of cases analyzed.

To allow a high number of people willing to be part of this investigation. In this way, the danger that Vitamin E acetate may have on the health of people who inhale it can be specified more accurately

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