It’s getting harder to see WhatsApp’s states

We all like to see someone else’s WhatsApp states. But at the same time WhatsApp users are demanding more and more privacy. This application has been widely used on mobile phones. Therefore, it has an audience that is increasingly demanding in the details. Especially those that others see.

What do user requests include? They range from the design of the platform itself to the ability to share files and play multimedia. But security, privacy and other aspects are also called for. For example, the possibility of seeing a message without the other person knowing that it has been read.

WhatsApp’s famous blue checkouts

Users with WhatsApp on their mobile phones already know that when blue checks appear, it means that the recipient of a message has read it. However, many times recipients of messages may require the sender not to know that their message has been read. That’s why there are certain tricks to avoid the issue of blue checks.

How to avoid blue checks?

Well, in a very simple way. Simply deactivate the option to display the reception of a message. It is also possible to chat using the so-called “ninja mode“. In this way, people who use mobiles with this application installed, can hide when they are connected.

WhatsApp States

But it turns out that now, along with the blue checks, you can also control the privacy of the states of this application. People share states that can be seen by the general public. However, the latter is now configurable. For example, a user can configure the application in such a way that other users cannot see its status.

These enhancements, introduced by WhatsApp, allow users to feel more comfortable using the App. Because even though this may seem silly to some people, many people value their privacy very much.  In addition, all these new features demanded by users are also being developed to prevent the application from losing users. Since many users were changing WhatsApp for Telegram messaging applications, which have much more developed the aspect of user privacy.

Keep in mind that once the states are hidden, you have to wait 24 hours for it to take effect. But if you activate it again, the rest of the users will see again if the sent messages were read and they will be able to access your status again.

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