Microsoft presents record results despite the fall of Xbox

In a recent statement, Microsoft revealed that it closed the first fiscal semester of 2019, with revenues of $ 33.7 billion. From that figure, the company made a net profit of $ 13.2 billion. This means that your income increased between 12% and 49%, respectively .

According to Microsoft’s executive director, Mr. Satya Nadella, this increase in record category , is largely due to the alliances that the company has made with other companies, as is the case with its relationship with Sony.

The curious thing about this income is that it has noticed a low productivity in what is properly in the gaming entertainment sector . That is, in the field of selling video games and interactive content. The Xbox video game team has shown a notable decrease in revenue over the last quarter.

The universe of Xbox consoles and their digital products

The fall in revenues registered a 10% year-on-year decrease. That means that console sales have offered a 48% decline. To this is added the consumption of digital content, such as the sale of software and services for these same equipment. In this last aspect, the fall represents 3%.

What is even more interesting about these figures is that users who remain active on the Xbox Live platform have been increasing considerably. The results indicate that in a year, the figure has gone from 57 to 65 million active users.

On the other hand, in relation to other fields of the Microsoft market, the results are very positive. The revenues that are being received by Surface, one of the company’s mobile devices, have offered an increase of 14%. Something that is very important to highlight, because during the last quarter there have been no new device releases.

Long live Microsoft

Other fields in which the economy of the company has improved are in the collection obtained from cloud services: Azure has obtained a 22% rise in popularity, which translates to a level of 64 % of income more .

The LinkedIn platform has also had a 25% increase in turnover. And Windows OEM has offered the company results that increased by 9% compared to last quarter. And of course, Office 365 continued to rise, with a total of 34.8 million users.

It is possible that this scenario that Microsoft is facing at the moment changes with Gamescom 2019.

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