More than 75% of pregnant women sleep poorly

It is estimated that in the last trimester of pregnancy more than 75% of pregnant women sleep poorly. They themselves have complained of sleep problems and the need to rest very often. During pregnancy it is essential to sleep well for the well-being of the pregnant woman.

However, due to discomfort such as the baby’s increasingly strong movements, hormonal changes, the frequent desire to go to the bathroom, and repeated back pain above all, make it difficult to fall asleep.

For this reason, the importance of finding a position that favours rest and is comfortable is stressed. The position recommended by doctors for sleeping is on the left side and with the knees slightly bent. This decreases fluid retention and swelling by preventing the fetus from pressing on blood vessels and internal organs.

Bedtime Tips

In addition to this, it is advisable to use a special cushion that serves as a support for the entire body of the pregnant woman. It also helps prevent back pain and improves the quality of rest because it favors the lateral position. Supporting the knees and ankles facilitates alignment with the hip, which avoids inflammation of the sciatic nerve or discomfort.

If there is no special cushion, a common cushion can be placed between the knees to align the back. To avoid back pain, cushions can be placed behind the back to provide support.

Another solution is to use several pillows in order to rest a little. Certain pregnant women are uncomfortable with a face-up position and may become dizzy. This position causes the weight of the uterus to fall on the back, the inferior vena cava, and the intestines. This intensifies back pain as well as constipation, hemorrhoids and digestive difficulties.

It is also advisable to use a pregnancy belt as a belt during the day to avoid low back pain. This accessory holds the pelvis and back when standing, and takes weight away from the belly in order to arrive somewhat more rested at night. You can also find these products and get them easily through an online pharmacy, without having to leave home.

Chicco tells you what the nighttime hassles are.

Urination urge: It is normal to experience this discomfort because the baby presses on the bladder. Try not to drink too much liquid before going to bed.

Acidity: It can be noticed especially in the last phase of pregnancy. Avoid having dinner just before bedtime, wait a little and have a light dinner. Built-in sleep can prevent reflux.

Sensation of heat: It can be given when sleeping surrounded by cushions, so it is recommended that you keep the room at an appropriate temperature. Also, leave a bottle of water within

Leg cramps: Eating a banana before going to bed can help avoid these discomforts. Also try massaging your legs to relax them and improve your circulation. Taking a bath before bedtime helps eliminate muscle tension. It is also recommended to keep your legs high and exercise on the pilates ball.

Insomnia: It is very common in the third trimester of pregnancy because of hormonal changes and the stress of nearby childbirth.

Whenever you have the opportunity to sit down to rest or take a nap, don’t hesitate to do so.

Remember that the well-being of the pregnant woman is vital for the good growth and development of the baby. Ideally, you should be informed and cared for before, during and after pregnancy!

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